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How Portable Toilets Can Be Used for Your Event in Novato, CA

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Comfortable restroom facilities are sometimes taken for granted, until the moment you find yourself in a situation where you need a restroom and good facilities are not available. If you are planning a big event, then it is important that you consider portable toilet rentals to ensure the comfort of your guests throughout the event.

At American Sanitation, we are a leading provider of portable toilet rentals in Novato, CA. We can help with any type of portable toilet that is needed, and we invite you to contact us to learn more about the many options that are available.

Why are Portable Toilets Needed?

With any type of gathering, whether it be large or small, restroom facilities need to be provided to the guests. Sanitation is important and you need to make sure that the right facilities are available. Don’t make the mistake of not having enough toilets, because guests might be very unhappy if they can’t get access to the bathroom when it is required.

There is no need for you to try to handle all of the bathroom management details on your own, because American Sanitation offers full-service toilet rentals. We handle all of the arrangements, so that you can focus on the other important aspects of planning a successful event.

Portable Toilet Rentals for Your Event

Whether you need construction portable toilets or you are looking for nicer facilities such as wedding portable toilets, we can help! Here are the main categories of porta potty rentals that are available:

  • Basic Toilets: Most construction sites will simply choose the cheapest toilets that are available and these facilities are important for both commercial and residential construction. These basic porta potty rentals are also commonly used at sporting events, fairs, and other large outdoor group gatherings.

  • Bathroom Trailers: If you need a toilet rental and you want something a little nicer than a porta potty rental, then you might consider bathroom trailers. These facilities can still be used outdoors, but they are a little bigger and more comfortable than a basic porta potty.

  • VIP Portable Toilets: For high class events, these VIP toilets are the way to go. Our VIP portable toilet rentals are most popular at large corporate events, weddings, or fundraisers. These trailers offer full bathroom amenities in an outdoor setting, including multiple stalls indoors, flushable toilets, and running water in the sink.

Regardless of the type of event that you are planning, American Sanitation can help! We offer full-service portable toilet rentals for large and small crowds, and we will spend the time that is needed to understand the individual requirements of your group and provide the right bathroom facilities.

You might choose basic, single-stall porta potty rentals or larger bathroom trailer rentals to accommodate more people. Also, consider ADA handicap units, to ensure the accessibility of the facilities for everyone at the event.

We will help you understand the requirements that are needed for the type of toilet rental that you choose. For example, the larger VIP portable toilets require an electrical source. All of the water is stored on an onboard water system to keep the toilets and sinks running properly.

Outdoor Toilet Rental in Novato, CA Quick Tips and Guide

A portable toilet might be as simple as an enclosed outdoor stall at a concert or as extravagant as a luxury portable restroom trailer used for a film project. Since their introduction in the 1960s during World War II, outdoor Porta toilets have grown in popularity.

For residential and commercial use, building sites, vineyard operations, and special events, we provide high-quality portable restrooms, porta potty rentals, luxury restroom trailers, and sanitation sinks.

  • Backyard parties
  • Concerts
  • Outdoor festivals/events
  • Outdoor weddings
  • Live events
  • Construction sites
  • Parking lots
  • Rest areas
  • Campsites & more.

Portable toilets are temporary toilets that can be moved from one area to another. They are widely used during outdoor events and construction sites.

Toilet paper and antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers are included with a portable toilet. Porta potties can also be hired with an inside handwashing station that includes soap and paper towels.

What type of portable toilet should you use for your event?

Consider how much traffic you expect on your site, how many people will want restrooms, and which amenities you want to provide when deciding which style of portable bathroom is right for you.

Odor Control - Check the portable toilet regularly to make sure it's clean, and contact to schedule additional service appointments if you think they'll be needed. Extra visits are subject to additional expenses, though they may be worthwhile. To keep the place smelling fresh, add a few little air fresheners.

What are the Different Types of Portable Toilets Available?

Outdoor Toilet Rental Novato California Outdoor Toilet Rental Novato California Outdoor Toilet Rental Novato California
  • Basic Portable Toilets
  • Bathroom Trailers
  • VIP Portable Toilets

Many Uses of Portable Toilets in Novato, CA

Whether you are planning a one-day event in Novato, California or you need to have portable toilets for a longer period of time, we can help. American Sanitation has provided everything from construction portable toilets up to wedding portable toilets, and everything in between. Here are some examples of common uses of these restroom facilities:

  • Construction portable toilets, for both commercial and residential projects
  • Concert portable toilets for outdoor venues
  • Marathons, fairs and community parties held at local parks or recreation centers
  • Charity events or classy corporate parties
  • Church or community gatherings
  • Weddings or formal events in outdoor locations

Before choosing the right type of porta potty rental for your event, it is best to consider the type of event that you are planning as well as the guests that will be in attendance. For example, on a construction site, the workers are fine to use a basic bathroom facility since they are already in their grubby work clothes. But, at a wedding, guests will be more comfortable using a nicer restroom facility, such as a VIP trailer rental.

Portable Toilet Rental Service for Your Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of contacting American Sanitation is that we can handle all of the details for the portable toilet rental for your upcoming event. We have delivered these restroom facilities to many areas throughout Novato, California and the surrounding neighborhoods.

When you work with our company, you will see that we pay attention to the details, including drop-off and pick-up days. For more information about portable toilet rentals in Novato, CA, we invite you to contact us at (800) 570-7085.