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Do You Ned Portable Toilets For Your Upcoming Event in Petaluma, CA?

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If you are in Petaluma, CA and you need portable toilets, then you have come to the right place! American Sanitation offers a variety of portable toilet rentals, and you can choose from several different products in order to get the toilet facilities that are perfect for your event. Whether you are looking for the cheapest porta potty rental or you need VIP portable toilets for a classy event, we are here to help.

Many people mistakenly think that porta potty rentals are only used on construction sites and other similar situations. But, the truth is that there are many nice bathroom trailers that can be rented, providing your guests comfortable amenities in any location.

Portable Toilets for Your Petaluma, CA Event

For people who are looking for basic porta potty rentals and cost is the most important factor, then we can help you with single-stall facilities similar to those commonly used at construction sites and fair grounds. On the other hand, there are other nicer bathroom trailers that provide a full room for people to use.

These VIP portable toilets are similar to an indoor bathroom. The restroom facilities are built onto a trailer that can be delivered to any location in the area. When the guests walk in, they will find flushing toilets, running water in the sink, mirrors, and a nice vanity area.

The nice restroom trailers are very different from construction portable toilets, and they are the perfect solution for an upscale event such as a wedding or corporate event.

Full Service Portable Toilets in Petaluma

At American Sanitation, our goal is to make it easy for you to provide nice restroom facilities for your event. We handle all of the details, include delivery to your event location and pickup when you are done.

The porta potty services include toilet paper, and some of them also include antibacterial hand sanitizer. Or, you can choose to have a separate hand washing station if you are using a basic porta potty. The VIP portable toilets are equipped with all of the supplies that are needed, including a pleasant smell in an air freshener.

Some of these units are ADA handicap friendly, making the bathroom facilities easily accessible for everyone in attendance. Additionally, the trailers are quite large, and can accommodate multiple guests at once if needed. These high quality VIP portable toilets are equipped with an onboard water storage system for the sink and toilet functions. Other add-on features might include baby changing stations or urinals.

The great thing about renting portable toilets is that you have the option to customize the toilets to match your individual needs. We can help you identify the highest quality toilet rentals that are available within your preferred budget for the event.

When is a Porta Potty Rental Needed?

There are a variety of situations when you can benefit by having a porta potty rental on site. For example, construction portable toilets are often used for both commercial and residential construction sites. These rentals provide facilities for all of the workers and contractors, helping to keep the new plumbing unsoiled by the workers.

Concerts, fairs, marathons, and any other large group gatherings are all situations when portable toilets are needed. If many people will be in the same area, then you need to make sure that you have plenty of restroom facilities available. Even if indoor restrooms are available, sometimes it can be beneficial to have additional outdoor facilities to minimize the wait to access the bathroom.

Corporate functions, charity events, and weddings are examples of situations when it makes sense to rent the high quality restroom trailers. In these situations, your guests are dressed in formal attire, and they need clean, comfortable restroom facilities to use.

Whether you are planning an outdoor destination event or you need to increase the capacity at any location, American Sanitation is here to help! We offer high quality services to every customer that we work with, and we are always available to help by providing portable toilets for your upcoming event.

Leaving Your Guests with a Good Impression

Even the nicest event can be spoiled by low quality bathroom facilities, which is why you need to consider the quality of your portable toilet rentals. If you are planning a high class event, then you need to make sure that guests have a pleasant experience throughout the evening and quality bathroom facilities are an important element that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Whether your event will be located in Petaluma, CA or any of the surrounding areas, we invite you to contact us to learn more about the portable toilet rentals that are available. American Sanitation is always available to answer your questions and help with anything that you need. Contact us at (800) 570-7085 for more information!