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Types of Portable Toilets for San Rafael, CA Outdoor Events

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When planning a large outdoor event, it is important that you consider the bathroom facilities that will be available for guests in attendance. Sometimes, meeting planners make the mistake of not planning enough portable bathroom rentals for the event, making the guests uncomfortable because the basic facilities are lacking. At American Sanitation, our goal is to help you choose the best types of bathroom trailers or porta potty rental for your upcoming event, to ensure the comfort of every guest in attendance.

Options for Portable Toilet Rentals in San Rafael, CA

If you are planning your event in San Rafael, CA or any of the surrounding areas, then we invite you to contact our company to learn more about the portable toilet rentals that are available. We offer a variety of restroom facilities, and you can choose from basic porta potty facilities up to high-end VIP portable toilets.

There is a big difference in the experience that your guests will have in the different types of restroom facilities. So, it is important that you consider the needs of the group and choose the portable toilets accordingly.

For example construction workers are typically happy with basic construction portable toilets, because the most important factor is to save money on the overhead costs of the project. On the other hand, if you are planning a high class event and the guests will be wearing formal attire, then they won’t want to use a small single-stall portable toilet. Instead, it is better to consider bathroom trailers for these nicer events.

There are two main types of portable toilet rentals that we offer here at American Sanitation:

  • Single-Stall Portable Toilets: These are the common toilet facilities used as construction portable toilets or at sporting events or fairgrounds.

  • VIP Portable Toilets: These facilities are actually built on a trailer, and the entire trailer can be delivered to your location. The advantage of the nicer facilities is that you can provide your guests with flushing toilets and running water in the sink. Additionally, these trailers can accommodate multiple people at once, because there are several stalls within the trailer.

Other Portable Toilet Features

When you are planning the porta potty rental for your upcoming event, there are several other features that you might consider. For example, ADA compliant restrooms are important so that everyone in attendance can access the restroom as needed. Or, you might consider facilities that offer baby changing stations or outdoor hand washing stations.

At American Sanitation, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to provide your guests with nice facilities. So, once you have placed your order with us, we will handle all of the details. We’ll take care of the drop-off and pick-up, and the toilets will be delivered stocked with toilet paper and anything else that is needed.

Other amenities might be included, depending on the type of portable toilet rentals that you choose. Some of these rentals include antibacterial hand gel dispensers, others have outdoor hand washing facilities, and sometimes you can even choose signature deodorizer scents to help the bathroom smell nice. These unique amenities are available so that you can customize the bathroom facilities at your event, in order to cater to the guests that will be in attendance.

Common Uses of Portable Toilets

The possibilities are endless, and you can talk with us anytime bathroom facilities are needed for your San Rafael, CA event. Here are some of the events that we have serviced in the area:

  • Construction portable toilets, used on both commercial and residential properties. These facilities are perfect because temporary bathroom facilities will be needed for the many contractors and employees that will be on-site during the construction period.

  • Fairs, marathons, and sports events need good bathroom facilities. These events bring in a large crowd, and bathroom facilities are often limited since the event is held outside. We can bring the portable toilet rentals that you need so that you have the bathroom facilities available for the large crowds.

  • Wedding portable toilets are important, especially if you want the guests to linger at the reception for the evening. Make sure that you choose VIP bathroom trailers to provide nice facilities since your guests will be dressed in formal attire.

  • Corporate parties and charity fundraisers are sometimes held in outdoor locations, such as vineyards or barns. These clients and guests will appreciate the nice outdoor restroom facilities, so consider the trailer toilet rentals that are available.

At American Sanitation, we can help you choose the best toilet rentals for your individual needs. We understand that every event is unique, which is why we have a variety of rental options available. We are always available to answer your questions and help with anything that you need. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the porta potty rentals that are available in San Rafael, CA: (800) 570-7085.