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American Sanitation Inc. is a family owned sanitation and septic company in Sonoma, CA. We offer full-service portable sanitation, including: Basic Portable Restrooms, ADA Compliant Portable Toilets, Flushable Portable Toilets, VIP Portable Toilets, Hand Wash Station, and Luxury Units.

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Do you have a big event coming up, and you need to arrange portable toilets for the guests? There are many locations in Sonoma, CA that can benefit from portable restroom facilities, including construction sites and large group events. If you need to have high quality portable toilets for any reason, then we invite you to contact American Sanitation to learn more about the options that are available.

It is important that you provide high quality sanitation facilities for your guests, to ensure their comfort at your event. It is possible to have nice facilities, allowing you to plan your party at any outdoor location without sacrificing modern facilities.

Portable Toilets Available for Your Event

Don’t be fooled into thinking that porta potties are the only option available, because there are many types of temporary toilet facilities that you should consider. At American Sanitation, our goal is to provide you with a variety of choices, so that you can select the option that works best for your event. Here are a few of the options that we have available in Sonoma, California:

  • Basic Porta Potties: If you need simple portable toilets, then these are the most cost-effective option. You are probably familiar with these facilities because they are commonly used at events such as at the fairgrounds, sporting events, or construction sites.

  • Trailers: Portable trailers can be designed to offer outdoor bathroom facilities, and they provide nicer toilet accommodations in a trailer that can be moved to any location. Your guests will have a full room that they can step into, similar to a bathroom in a home or office.

  • VIP Portable Toilets: Are you planning a high class gathering such as a wedding or charity event? Guests dressed in formal attire don’t want to use low quality bathrooms, so you should choose the VIP facilities that are available. The trailer is similar to an indoor bathroom, with mirrors, vanities, sinks, and flushing toilets.

At American Sanitation, our goal is to provide the highest quality mobile restrooms for any size crowd. We offer single-stall portable toilets as well as portable trailers that can accommodate multiple people at once. Additionally, we have restroom units that are accessible for people with disabilities, and these units are built according to ADA standards.

Your guests will love the convenience of being able to flush the toilet and wash their hands, and the nicer facilities will leave a lasting impression on each person in attendance. You will need to have a source of electricity for the trailer, but all of the water is available through an onboard water system.

When are Portable Toilet Rentals Needed?

Portable toilets can be very useful in many different settings, and American Sanitation is prepared to accommodate any situation where you need portable restrooms in the Sonoma area. We invite you to contact us, and we will gladly answer your questions and help you select the right facilities for your event.

Portable toilets are commonly used in these situations:

  • Commercial and residential construction sites often need portable toilets during the construction period. These toilets can be on-site from the beginning of the project until it is complete.

  • Large events and concerts need portable toilets to accommodate the many people in attendance. Examples include church gatherings, community parties, fairs, marathons, and fundraisers.

  • Corporate functions and charity events can use VIP toilet facilities, to make sure that classy, comfortable bathrooms are available.

  • Outdoor weddings need nice toilet facilities, especially if you are planning the ceremony at a location without built-in restrooms. For example, backyard weddings can have VIP toilet rentals to accommodate the guests without inviting everyone into the home. Or, you might need these toilet facilities for a park or vineyard wedding, since toilets won’t be near the ceremony site.

Why are Portable Toilets Needed?

If portable toilets aren’t available, then sanitation can be a problem to control when large groups of people are gathered together. It can be expensive to hire employees to take care of the event details, and it is much easier to have a professional service care for it instead.

Full service portable toilet rentals are available from American Sanitation, and we will take care of all of the details. For example, the trailers will be dropped off and picked up around your event schedule. These trailers are fully serviced with toilet paper and some of them have antibacterial gel dispensers.

Do you need to order portable toilets for your event in Sonoma, California? Contact American Sanitation for more information about the options that are available. We are always available to answer your questions and help you select the right facilities for your event.

Contact us at (800) 570-7085 for more information! We are available to discuss the needs of your event and plan the right portable toilet facilities that you need.

Portable Toilets FAQs

How much does it cost to rent a luxury porta potty cost?

  • This will normally range between $750 and $1500, which involves washing, as well as distribution and pick-up of the toilets. Learn More.

Are portable hand washing stations sanitary?

  • Designed to be attached to existing portable toilets or used as stand-alone units, portable hand washing sinks provide a sanitary way for guests and staff to wash. If indoor toilets are not an option, portable hand washing stations can enable you to maintain the hygienic conditions of your case. Learn More.

How are portable toilets emptied?

  • Ensure that the top tank is attached to the waste tank and then the contents are flushed into the waste tank. Add some clean water to the top tank and rinse well a few times. Apply a liquid toilet cleaner inside the top tank toilet bowl, much like what you would do with a normal toilet. Learn More.