portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

How Are Portable Toilets Emptied?

Most people have had the occasion to use portable toilets in Sonoma, CA at some time or another. You may have wondered how those toilets are ever emptied. If you need to rent some for an event of your own, it’s good to know the details so you understand what your rental needs if you have it for more than a little while. The emptying process is called servicing and servicing the portable toilet includes emptying the waste and several other steps. These toilets are generally services once a week or more, depending on usage.

To empty the waste in the portable toilet, sanitation technicians use a vacuum-like hose into the hole of the toilet. The other end is attached to a hose pump and the waste goes into the truck there. The truck will take the waste to a water treatment plant to be treated from there.

After the waste is removed, the technicians ‘charge’ the toilet, which means they put several gallons of blue liquid into the toilet. This is a disinfectant and odor neutralizer, and it can also measure the usage of the porta potty, so workers know when to service it again.

The portable toilet is then scrubbed because there could be footprints, mud, trash, and other items in and around the unit. The unit is scrubbed down including any windows, the toilet set, the walls, the floor, and everything in between. The disinfectant spray is used after to ensure that everything is as clean and sanitary as possible.

Once things are empty and clean, the portable toilet is re-stocked. Supplies can go quickly and the paper towels, soap, hand sanitizer, and other items need to be refreshed at that time.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

This servicing process is an important part of keeping the portable toilets in nice working order. When you rent what you need for your event, talk to the professionals about how often the servicing process needs to take place. You will want to ensure that you get service more often if you are going to have a lot of people using the toilet. If there are only a few, servicing can be spaced out more. It’s important to get on the same page with the rental company about the services you need and when you need them.

When you are in need of portable toilets in Sonoma, CA for an event you have in mind, it’s important to talk to the professionals at American Sanitation. We can answer your questions, show you different options so you are able to get just what you need for the event you are planning to hold. We can tell you more about the servicing process and get you all of the information you need. We can help you with placement of the portable toilets in the best possible locations and we can even give advice as to how many you might need for what you are planning to do. With our help, you’ll get just what you need and want for your event.