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portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Portable Toilets Can Be Found All Over

It’s not always going to be the case, but oftentimes, when you need a bathroom, you can find one. When you’re on the road, you know gas stations and restaurants are going to have them. When shopping, stores always have them. If you are at an outdoor event, it’s quite possible that you can find portable toilets in Sonoma, CA in the area as well. These products can be found all over at many different occasions. Here are a few that might feature them.

Tailgate Parties

Tailgate parties generally start hours before the stadium even opens. People bring their own food, drinks, grills and everything else they need…but what about the bathroom? Many stadiums have portable toilets around them or even in the parking lots, planning for this very thing.

Areas With Water Main Issues

Suffering through a water main break can be a real pain, and if it happens in your area, you might need to get a portable toilet delivered to your home so you can use it in the meantime. It can help your family, and possible even neighbors, get through the days ahead while the repairs are done.

Stores Remodeling Restrooms

If you like to shop, you might notice when your favorite store puts up an ‘out of order’ sign on their restroom. They’re renovating! As you look forward to checking it out in the future, what will you do now? They can’t have a store without a restroom, even just for their employees sake. There might be a portable restroom out back or to the side of the store for those purposes.

Homes Renovating

Does your home’s bathroom need a re-do? You don’t want to take it out of commission completely or it might throw your family into a world of hurt. You might install a portable bathroom at the side of the house for those emergency situations or to help you get by until the new bathroom is back in working order once again.


When you are going to attend an outdoor wedding, you hope that the bride and groom have thought of everything. Sometimes, those events are near buildings that have restrooms you can use. Other times, the wedding party will have some luxurious outdoor portable toilets, with full flushing capabilities, that you can use when you are at the event.

Outdoor Events

There are plenty of other outdoor events where you could use a portable toilet, like a craft fair, a sporting event, a construction site, and so on. When you need the facilities, it’s good that portable toilets exist.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Homeless Shelters

Sometimes even homeless shelters have too much capacity for their restrooms to cover everyone. They might have portable restrooms for events, or for their guests to use when working outside.

If you are going to be at an outdoor event, you might see portable toilets in Sonoma, CA, and be glad for it. If you have a situation in your home or even around your business that calls for portable options, the professionals are there to help.

Portable toilets in Petaluma CA

What Might Luxury Portable Toilets Include?

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, or another classy event, you may feel that you need to have portable toilets in Petaluma, CA available for your guests, but when you think of standard portable toilets, they just don’t fit the vibe you are going for. You don’t want people who are dressed up and looking nice to have to cram themselves into those little toilets, like they would at a county fair. Consider luxury portable toilet options. What all do they include? Here are a few things:

More Space

Luxury portable toilets are going to have more space in them than the average, standard option. You might be able to help a child with the restroom in these options, for example. They have more room, even just for one person, which is ideal when you are dressed up and need the space.

Running Water

One of the nicest features of a portable toilet with upgrades is the running water it features. It doesn’t have to be hooked up to any plumbing, either. These portable toilets come with two tanks, one filled with fresh water and one that is a holding tank for waste. When someone uses the facilities, they actually flush the toilet, just as they would in a normal bathroom. The waste is compartmentalized and away from the toilet so there isn’t a small that is often associated with these products.

A Sink For Handwashing

Once you use the restroom, you want to wash your hands and in the luxury version of portable toilets, you can. There’s running water for the toilet, but there’s also a sink, complete with running water as well. The restroom comes with paper towels and soap so users feel like they have everything they need in that space.

Possibly Temperature Control

Some of the luxury restrooms can even be temperature-controlled, which is nice for a hot day when people are dressed in their finery. It can also take the chill out of the air when things are a little cold outside. There are often fans that can run as well to circulate the air nicely.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

The Feel Of A Real Bathroom

The biggest point of a luxury portable toilet is that it is going to feel much more like a real bathroom than the standard options. It can be flushed and hands can be washed. When you are dressed up for an event, it has a much more elegant feel to it. You can also use it as a retail bathroom if you are renovating, or even for a house with a water issue.

If you are thinking that you need portable toilets for something, there are lots of options to consider. You can get luxury portable toilets in Petaluma, CA that can help you to get the feel you want with the right amenities for your event. Don’t worry about how people will feel about the bathroom as everything will work out nicely when you have this type of restroom lined up for your event.

septic tank pumping in Novato, CA

What To Do After Septic Tank Pumping Concludes

If you have a septic system on your home, you are going to need septic tank pumping in Novato, CA at some point or another. Most professionals recommend that you don’t go 5 years without pumping things out of that tank and having it cleaned and processed. That number is general and you might need pumping done more often if you have a larger family or use more water. Once you have the septic tank pumped out, you might want to do certain things, or avoid doing other things. Here are some items to consider.

Don’t Use Bleach

The tank is cleaned out! You can do what you want without worrying about killing bacteria, right? Not really. The tank doesn’t have sludge in it any longer, and it’s as empty as it can be. However, it still has the bacteria in it that eats away at the waste and gives you the results you want. When you use bleach at any time, or other anti-bacterials, it’s going to kill off the bacteria the system needs to work properly. You might have to have the tank pumped out again sooner if you use bleach.

Don’t Change Water Habits

Again, yeah! The tank is cleaned out. You can use as much water as you want at a time because there’s plenty of room in there, right? Again, no. The tank is still going to process water at the same rate. That means you can’t go crazy, run the washing machine, the dishwasher, the shower, and the outside hose all at the same time. Keep your water habits spread out and normal so you don’t overload the tank and cause water to back up into your home.

Never Add Dog Food

There are myths in every industry, even when it comes to septic tanks. There’s on legendary myth that if you add a large bag of dog food to the tank after it has cleaned, it will function better. Others also say that flushing yeast down the toilet after the tank pumping will keep the septic bacteria happy. But the experts will tell you that there really is no need to add anything to the tank after it has been pumped out. All you need is the regular kitchen and human waste to go into the tank as needed and things will work well.

septic tank pumping in Novato, CA

Continue With Your Rules

You might want to have rules around your septic system and that’s something you will want to keep up. Those rules will include putting only waste and toilet paper down the toilets. Not using anti-bacteria soap, bleach, and other things that kill bacteria. Using water in a sparing manner, a little at a time, and so on.

When you are going to get septic tank pumping in Novato, CA done, you might wonder if there is something you need to do after the professionals are complete. There really isn’t anything you have to do in order to get the tank pumping properly again. The experts will take care of everything for you and you don’t have to worry about anything other than treating the system well, as you have been, from there on out.

septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA

Is It Okay To Put A Deck Or Patio Over A Septic Tank?

This area of the country has many beautiful days in store all year round. You can enjoy a quiet summer morning outside, a crisp fall evening, and many days in between. It’s nice to enjoy nature, hear the birds, watch the squirrels, and see the sun go down. Many people enjoy having a cup of coffee on the patio or entertaining guests on a deck. If that’s not something you have on your home yet, it’s always something you can add. Where should you place it? Perhaps you would like to hide where your septic tank sits, so maybe you can put it over that area? Tat’s not a good idea. You wouldn’t have access to the area for necessary septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA and there are other reasons to avoid doing just that.

When you are going to build a deck or patio, there are certain permits you will need to get and, legally, you can’t put a patio over a septic system. That would leave no access for repairs and maintenance and the whole patio would have to be taken up before the septic tank could even be accessed. As for a deck, you will have to keep it at least ten feet away from the septic tank so you don’t interrupt the flow of what’s going on in that area.

Septic tanks release waste into the yard and sometimes, that means that area can be a little more mushy than others. You don’t want to put a post down there or it could shift around. You also don’t want a patio in that area or it can shift and crack as well.

If you build a deck or patio over the septic tank without checking into things, you could lead yourself down a dark path. You could have repairs on the tank from the project and you might have to take the deck or patio up and start all over again.

septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA

If you want a deck or patio, great. Start to check your budget and see what you can do to make your outdoor living space just how you want it. However, keep that deck or patio away from the septic tank so you can keep that system on track as well. You can always call the professionals or, when you have your regular septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA done, get advice from them at that time. They will help you to figure out what you can and cannot do around your septic tank in terms of building an outdoor living space. In general, the septic tank needs its space and you will want to keep buildings, and even plants, away from that area. It’s an important system and you don’t want anything happening to it that can cause issues within your home. Check with the professionals before you move forward with anything you want to do around the septic area.