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Napa septic tank

Septic Tank Installation Times

There are certain things that take time and efforts to install and septic tanks in Santa Rosa, CA are one of them. It takes planning and time and it includes tests and other processed before the actual installation actually takes place. If you are getting a septic tank, here are the steps you have to look forward to in order to get everything lined up just right.

Step 1: Percolation Test

This test determines the soil’s volume, consistency, and texture and checks how well the soil could filter wastewater. You want your septic tank to be installed properly and it’s important to have this test done so you can get the results, which can take up to two weeks.

Step 2: Obtaining The Permit

You will have to get approval for the septic tank and the drain field from the city. Every county and city has different requirements so you’ll want to check local codes, the application and approval process can be aided by a professional company and it can take days or even weeks to obtain the right paperwork.

Step 3: The Design Process

After you get the permits, an engineer with a septic tank company can design things to make the septic system and drain field work with your house. The design will depend on factors like the slope of your land, the trees nearby, and so on. The design has to suit your property and this step can also take a few weeks.

Step 4: Installation

Once the other steps are complete, you can schedule your professional installation. The installation process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It depends on the property, the soil, the size of the tank, the weather, and other factors. You will have to have several inspections along the way to confirm that things are going according to the plans and are safe and up to code.

Keep in mind that every septic system is a customized job. Your home and property are different than anyone else’s. You may not be able to tell exactly how long your process and installation will take when you compare the job to other people, but the professionals can give you a customized idea based on experience.

When you are ready to look into getting septic tanks in Santa Rosa, CA, the experts at American Sanitation Inc. can help you with every step of the process. Call us at (707) 554-8258 and we can help answer your questions and get you on the right path for every step. We understand the complications that can arise and we’ll get you through any of those you face. Stop by and talk to us in person, if you’d like, at 1729 Action Avenue, Napa, CA 94559 and then invite us to your property to take a look at your set up and offer advice as to what we recommend moving forward. We’re here to get a system set up for you in the right manner so you can maintain it later on without any issues.

portable toilets in Napa, CA

Portable Toilet Fears

When was the last time you were at an outdoor event and you had to use portable toilets in Napa, CA? Did you cringe at the thought? Do you know someone who’s downright afraid to use a portable toilet? They’re really no different than public toilets in general. Here are some of the misconceptions about portable toilets that just aren’t the case.

1-Portable Toilets Are Dirty

Many people think portable toilets are worse than any other public toilets, but they really aren’t. Regular cleaning and maintenance keep the portable toilets in good working order, just like any other public restroom. There are portable toilet suppliers that do a great job of sanitizing portable toilets and keep units in fine form. Every time a unit is rented, it’s cleaned and stocked and ready to roll.

2-Portable Toilets Might Tip Over

Portable toilets are only going to tip over if they’re improperly placed, maintained poorly, or misused. Sure, a portable toilet can tip over if someone has a bad friend who intentionally tries to lay it on its side while someone is inside. But that’s not the toilet’s fault. Those people just need better friends. Portable toilets in proper locations on even ground are not at risk for tipping over.

3-You Can’t Clean Your Hands

There are plenty of options for cleaning your hands after using portable toilets. Some have hand sanitizer pumps inside or just outside to help you with that. Others have real sink stations that can sit outside them so people can properly wash their hands with soap and running water. IT’s always good to clean your hands after using a restroom, whether you are at home or in public. You can use the options with portable toilets just as easily as at home.

4-Touching Gross Things

There are going to be germs in any bathroom, but just because you can see more in a portable toilet, doesn’t mean you have to touch anything worse than you would in any other bathroom. Waste in the holding tank is well out of reach and you won’t get anything more from it than any other public space.

While you might prefer your own bathroom at home over any public toilet, there are times when you have to use the facilities in public. If that means porta potty rental in Napa, CA, so be it. There’s no reason to fear! Wash your hands after and stay away from bad friends and you’ll be just fine. If you need to rent these services for an outdoor event, consult with the experts at American Sanitation Inc. by calling (707) 554-8258. While we have plenty of standard options, we also have handicap choices and even fully flushing portable toilets for fancier events. Stop by and see us at 1729 Action Avenue, Napa, CA 94559, tell us about your needs, and we’ll match you to the right portable toilet services available. We want your event to come off well and that often means providing the right facilities for those in attendance.

portable toilet in Santa Rosa

Toilets Much More Expensive Than Portable Toilets

If you’ve ever renovated a bathroom or built a new house, perhaps you got to pick the toilet that went into the space. If you know how much average toilets cost, would you be surprised at the costs of some of the most expensive toilets in the world? While renting portable toilets in Santa Rosa, CA is reasonable and something many people have to do for outdoor events, most people wouldn’t dream of spending this much money on a bathroom fixture. Here are details on some of the most expensive toilets in the world.

Hang Fung Gold Toilet

There are a lot of things that you could make out of gold, but a toilet? There’s technology group that claims to own the most expensive toilet in the world, which happens to be worth around $5 million, depending on the current price of gold when it’s assessed. The whole bathroom is made out of gold including the tub, trash can, and even toilet paper holder. The real golden throne is something that can be seen through a special tour of the technology center.

The Swarovski Studded Toilet

While many people like things covered in crystals, it’s usually more like an elegant dress. This toilet took jewelers over a month to hand create and the toilet costs a bit too much for anyone to actually use it. With a $128,000 price tag, it’s hard to convince anyone to use the beautiful element for its intended purpose.

The Wooden Toilet Thrown From Dagobert

You may have heard of the ‘porcelain throne,’ but when you think about it, most actual thrones are made out of wood. This toilet is wood and also looks like a real throne. When the lid is closed, it could pass for a throne. When opened, it’s much more functional than a simple place to sit. The cute old timey touches are aesthetically pleasing, but expensive at the same time.

Kohler Numi

While most people aren’t even going to consider a golden or crystal encrusted toilet, some could actually get the Kohler Numi, though it’s not for those on a budget. With a $6,000 price tag, this toilet has a heated seat, programable color options, and a Bluetooth stereo, among other customized choices.

If you want one of the most expensive toilets in the world, more power to you. If you need something that works well for an outdoor event, consider VIP portable toilets in Santa Rosa, CA. Contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc. by calling (707) 554-8258. While we don’t have golden options, we do have elegant choices that include flushing, fully functional bathrooms that operate just like an indoor bathroom. We’ll help you place the rentals and clean them out on a regular basis as well. You’re welcome to stop by and see options in person so we can get started on your outdoor event. We’re located at 1729 Action Avenue, Napa, CA 94559 and we can show you the options so you can choose what’s best for your event.

septic tanks in Napa, CA

Septic Tank Water Handling

If you’re new to having septic tanks in Napa, CA, you may have heard certain things about them. For example, they can’t handle as much heavy water use as a city system. You might know you can’t do load after load of laundry all in a row, but how much water can the septic tank handle in a day?

Whether you’re flushing a toilet, taking a bath, or running the dishwasher, water will enter your septic system regularly and every system has a limited capacity. You don’t want to overload the system or you could cause a big problem. You need to know the size of your tank and how much it can handle and then you need to keep an eye on your household and start a lifestyle that everyone can enjoy without overloading the septic tank.

Think about how a septic system works. When wastewater from the house gets to the tank, solids and liquids separate and solids go into the tank to be broken down by bacteria. Liquids are put out into the leach field. There’s a filter involved as well that prevents solids from getting out of the tank. That process takes time so if your tank gets a lot of water at once, the solids could build up and block the pipes out to the field, causing issues for the tank overall.

If you have an overloaded tank, it could happen after excessive water use. If you have a big party and lots of people are flushing and using the facilities, you could overload the tank. If you do a lot of laundry in a row or take a shower, run the dishwasher, and run laundry all at once, you could also overload it. If you have a fixture that is leaking, that could also cause issues that you may not even notice.

Most homeowners use 60-70 gallons of water in a day and tanks are designed to hold about 750-1,250 gallons. Keep in mind that the tanks aren’t usually completely empty when you start using them on a daily basis. When you flush a toilet, it takes 1-7 gallons, depending on the toilet. Washing machines take 15-45 gallons for every load. Showers are usually around 17 gallons, depending on how long you shower, and dishwashers take 4-6 gallons per cycle. Do a little math and keep an eye on how fast the water goes out before you run into a deeper issue in the yard.

If you have questions about your septic Tanks in Napa, CA, like how much water it can handle, how often you need to pump it out, or other things, contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc. We’re here to help with repairs, regular maintenance, and even just basic questions. Call us at (707) 554-8258 or visit us in person at 1729 Action Avenue, Napa, CA 94559. We’d love to help you with anything septic tank-0reltaed. If you’re new to having a septic tank, we can give you a list of dos and don’ts and help you get started on the right path.