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portable toilets in Vallejo, CA

Does Your Summer Family Reunion Need Portable Toilets?

Family reunions are exciting events. It’s possible that you haven’t seen certain family members in years. Perhaps your children have never met some people in your family. There’s a lot to plan and get in order so you can have the perfect event for everyone included. While having a reunion outside is a wonderful idea, there are problems that come along with it…like whether or not you need portable toilets in Vallejo, CA. Here are some things to think about when you consider this topic.

The Number Of Family Members In Attendance

You are going to want to have an approximate idea as to how many family members you have invited will actually attend. Make sure you ask people to RSVP through the mail, social media, or just with a phone call so you can figure out how many people you need to plan around. Having a head count means you will know just how many portable toilets you will have to have, if you decide they are necessary. You might also need to tell the caterer, have the right number of drinks, and so on. As a general rule, you will need at least one restroom for every 100 people. But you might need or want more, depending on your family and the food and drinks you are having.

The Venue’s Proximity To Bathrooms

If you have a large park booked for a family reunion, you might have restrooms available to you already. There might be a building with restrooms nearby. Or, then again, there might not be such facilities. If there are bathrooms in the park, but not very many, or if they are far away, you may need to add onsite portable toilets to your to-do list to make sure everyone is comfortable. You want convenience and comfort so your family can enjoy their time together.

The Makeup Of Your Family

Children and elderly individuals generally need bathrooms more often than those in the middle of those two groups. Family reunions often include both groups. If you have a wide spread age range, and you might have some people who need handicap accessibility, that could inform what you need to do for your portable toilets. Handicap portable toilets are great for older individuals with mobility issues, but they also work well for children who might want to bring an adult in with them to help.

portable toilets in Vallejo, CA

If your family reunion is on the horizon and you think you might need portable toilets in Vallejo, CA, the professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help. We can help you figure out how many portable toilets you need, where best to place them, and what type will suit your family the best. We understand budgets for events as well so we will help you get what you need at a price you can afford. Successful family reunions are rewarding for every generation and that might mean including portable toilets. We’ll get you started and help you plan it all out.

portable toilets in Napa, CA

Portable Toilets In Bad Weather Conditions

You never know what the weather’s going to do. If you have a short event that includes portable toilets in Napa, CA, it’s easy enough to figure out what’s going to happen around that event with hour by hour forecasts. But if you have portable toilets on site for a longer period of time, they may go through varied weather conditions. Here are some tips for weather issues that can arise.

The location of your toilets matters a good deal, especially if there are sometimes high winds in that area. There are strategies that can help you place your units in the right locations to combat the winds. You will not want to put the toilets in an open area if there might be wind or rain while it is sitting there. You will instead want a hard surface, if at all possible, to keep the unit out of the mud and make it more stable from wind. You can even provide wind protection by putting it in a sheltered area. You could place it beside a fence, for example, or stake it down into the ground to keep it in place.

There are other things you can do to keep your units more weather resistant. You could, for example, place a special drainage mat outside the toilet. These elevated mats allow rain to drain and mud to stay away from the toilet area, so people aren’t dragging mud in and out of the toilets. IF you have access to electricity, it’s possible to heat or cool some toilets so they are able to stay more dried out inside. You could also set them up with a generator, if need be,

One important thing for any portable toilet sitting on your property long-term is cleaning. Regular maintenance is important, especially in inclement weather conditions. Check the units often during wet or windy weather and have a regular cleaning or inspection schedule for staff. Get a spray vacuum to help. You can spray disinfectant on surfaces and then vacuum up water. Then, wipe down the rest of the unit to remove the rest of the moisture. You can also have staff members form the portable toilet company do regular maintenance checks to clean and empty out the portable toilets.

portable toilets in Napa, CA

If you are worried about how the portable toilets in Napa, CA you plan to rent will do in inclement weather, contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc for advice. We can set you up with just the right toilets, in the right location and with all the right instructions. We’re here to help make your situation remain as comfortable and easy as possible. Give us a call and tell us about your circumstances. We can make recommendations for the guests you expect, and we can help you place the portable toilets in the safest, most convenient locations. We can also get on a cleaning and maintenance schedule with you if you need the units long term. Let’s work together on your project.


septic tank pumping in Vallejo, CA

The Advantages Of Inspections Between Septic Tank Pumping Sessions

If you own a home that has a septic system, perhaps you already know that you have to have septic tank pumping in Vallejo, CA done on that system every 3-5 years. Your interval depends on how many people are in your household, how large your septic tank in, and other variables. While you may know that needs to happen, you might want to also think about the advantages of having inspections on those septic tanks between pumping sessions. Here are just a few:

Experts Take A Look

When you have an inspection, you are inviting trained specialists into your yard to take a look at your septic tank. It’s not the same as inviting a neighbor over and having them look at your drain field etc. You are having a professional look for issues, give you tips, and help you ward off things that you could avoid. There are priceless elements to having a true professional take a look.

Locate The Tank

If you are new to the home, or don’t know where the tank is located, it’s a good idea for you to know where it is. You could search the yard and find it yourself. Sometimes it’s easy to even see with your own eyes. But before you schedule pumping, have an inspection so you know where the tank is located. You are better able to spot issues if they are to arise if you know where the tank is.

Check For Leaks

The professionals who come to your home are not only going to look into the septic tank, but they are also going to look for leaks in the sewage lines. They may notice odors that you haven’t noticed yet or lush vegetation that you thought you were lucky to have that could, instead, indicate a leak in the line. These leaks are important to take care of before they get worse and cost more. You can ward off a small issue earlier with these inspections.

Predict Pumping

You might be on a schedule to get your septic tank pumped out every 5 years. But perhaps you have more people living in your house now than you did in the past and you need to move that schedule up a bit. The professionals can give you an idea as to how soon you need to get your tank pumped out when they do an inspection so you can predict and plan for that to happen.

septic tank pumping in Vallejo, CA

There are needs that your system has, like occasional septic tank pumping in Vallejo, CA. While inspections aren’t something you absolutely have to do, there are lots of benefits to having those inspections on a regular basis. They can lead you to fixing things that could be a lot worse later on if you were to let it go, not knowing it’s there. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help with inspections, septic tank pumping, advice, and anything in between. Give us a call when you need help.

septic tank pumping in Napa, CA

What Happens When Homeowners Avoid Septic Tank Pumping?

There are certain things that you simply have to do when you own certain items. If you have a car, you change the oil. If you don’t, the engine stops working. It’s that simple. It’s something you have to do if you want your vehicle to keep running efficiently and effectively. Likewise, if you own a home with a septic tank, you have to get septic tank pumping in Napa, CA done every so often. What happens if you move into a home with a septic tank and pumping has never been done? What if you have a septic tank and you simply ignore it? Here are a few elements you will see happening—none of them good.

Sludge Buildup

No one really wants to think about what’s in their septic tank, but the fact is that there’s plenty of sludge if the tank has never been pumped out. Sludge buildup is a gradual thing that develops over time. The point of the septic tank is to take solid wastes, break it down, and distribute it into the drain field. But sludge will still build up in the tank (more rapidly if you put things down the drain you shouldn’t). Once the sludge builds up too far, the tank is full.

Drains Slow Down

Once the sludge builds up high enough within your septic tank, the drains in your home will start to slow down. You might notice water in your sink after you brush your teeth, draining away slowly. You might see water standing in the tub as you shower. The drains are slow because there’s nowhere to put the extra water being washed down the tubes. It’s still going down, but the slowness shows you that something worse is coming if you don’t address the issues right away.

Backups Occur

The slow drains will happen first, but if you ignore even that, you will start to see dirty water backing up into your home. No one wants that kind of wastewater in their house. Toilets might overflow, drains might back up and kick water back out, and showers could even see sludge coming back up. Backups of this kind are about the last thing you want happening in your house.

septic tank pumping in Napa, CA

Septic tanks need to be pumped out every 3-5 years without exception. You should either get on a regular schedule or watch for the signs that your septic tank is full. Waiting too long will bring unwanted (and costly) issues that you don’t want to have to address.

If you are noticing these signs, and you think septic tank pumping in Napa, CA is necessary, contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc for help. We can inspect your septic tank, give you advice on maintenance, pump it out, and tell you what you should and should not put down the drains, among other things. We’re here to help you understand the system so you can live in peace alongside it as easily as possible.