Septic Tank Pumping And Garbage Disposals

Your home is filled with modern conveniences and one that you might take for granted it the garbage disposal. However, garbage disposals are also the most detrimental appliance to your septic system. If you’re not careful, you could cause septic tank pumping in Vallejo, CA to become necessary more often. You could even cause repair needs within the system.

It’s easy enough to be careful about using your dishwasher and washing machine in a spread-out manner so you don’t overwhelm the septic system, but garbage disposals can do even worse things. You might end up putting solids, fats, oils, greases, and other things down the drain. Those items can cause a whole new set of issues and none of them are good. Having a garbage disposal is par for the course in most homes. If you do already have one along with a septic system, it’s important to use it on a minimal basis.

One of the biggest issues septic tanks can have is if you use your garbage disposal as more of a trash can for food waste. Some people put anything that will fit down that drain and chop it up. That might include things like coffee grounds, food bits, fruit peels, and more. All of those things make their way to the septic tank and the bacteria there has to work overtime to break things down. Some items, like fruit pits, egg shells, and yes, coffee grounds, will never break down. The solids can overwhelm the tank and create sludge at the bottom. This puts an added strain on the system and leads to the need for more frequent pumping.

Instead of pouring waste down the drain, peel carrots over the garbage can. Dump coffee grounds there as well. Use the garbage disposal after you wash dishes and find that there are a few little things that have gone down. But scrape plates into the trash can, too. The key is using the disposal on a minimal basis. Never put stringy or fiber-filled foods down the drain because they can get clogged. Fats grease and oils will glide right down, but eventually, they harden and cool and that adds to the tank’s layer of scum and the issues you can have in the future. Even potato peels are dangerous because the starch, when combined with water, becomes like glue and clings to pipes to create clogs.

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