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Why Do Septic Tanks Break?

Nothing lasts forever, as they say, and that is true of even something as important as a septic tank. You know you have to take care of your septic system and even get septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA done regularly so the tank doesn’t get too full and malfunction. But what are some other things that cause the septic system to break down?

There are two main categories of septic tank breakage, one is a system malfunction while the other is a system failure. If you have a septic tank, it’s important to know what’s happening. Failure is the worst-case scenario, of course. Malfunctioning means that you might be able to fix things.

Malfunctions will usually occur when you aren’t maintaining the operation of the septic system properly. You might not be maintaining the system well if you don’t get the system pumped out regularly or if you flush things down the toilet or put things down the drain that you shouldn’t. That can certainly cause the system to malfunction.

There are lots of ways to avoid a system malfunction. For example, you need to use water sparingly and not all at once so it can filter through the system easily enough. You can also never flush certain things and make sure you get the system pumped out on a regular basis.

Malfunctions can lead to system failures. If you have one malfunction and you don’t make changes to the way you do things, the system can fail. It can also fail if the septic tank or the system as a whole is simply getting too old to operate any longer. Even if you are good to your system, things might eventually happen to it where it will get too old to operate any longer.

What you want to do is prevent failure if at all possible and work against even malfunctions. You can do that by treating the system right and ensuring that you get regular services. Have professionals come to your house, perhaps once a year, to check things over. You can get advice as to how often you need to pump out the tank and get other details on what you can do to prevent the worst from happening.

septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA

If you are in need of septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA, or if you need advice on what to do in order to prevent failures or even malfunctions, the professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here for you. Give us a call if you have any questions about what you can do to prevent malfunctions, or if you are wondering if you already have an issue. We’re here to help you with any issues or questions you might have. We can come out to your house for a consultation as well to look things over and see what might be going on, if anything. If you are new to the septic system world, we can give you details on how to care for it.

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Signs You Need Septic Tank Pumping Now

Homes that aren’t connected to a city sewer system will need a septic tank, and those homes will also need septic tank pumping in Novato, CA from time to time. No matter how good you are to your system, it’s going to fill up and you are going to have to have it pumped out. The question is, when will you need that? It’s best to have a safe property with regular septic pumping to keep things sanitary. Here are a few signs that you need that pumping done on your home.

Sign 1: Foul Odors

One indication that the septic tank is full is that you will start to smell foul odors. You might smell it around the tank in the back yard, or you might even smell it in your bathroom, as if it’s coming back in through the toilet instead of going away once the air clears. Those odors are a warning sign that things are getting too full and you are starting to be in danger of things backing up into your house. That starts with the odor and gets worse from there.

Sign 2: Sewage Backup

If you see your toilet backing up, even a little bit, that often means that the septic tank is full. You need to get pumping done right away so you don’t have more back up, which can cause extensive damage. Plus, no one wants waste backing up into the house, that’s for sure. So the moment even a little bit backs up, you need to have it addressed right away.

Sign 3: Slow Drains

If you find yourself standing in water when you are showering because the water is draining too slowly, or the sink backs up with water when you wash your hands, that could mean that the tank is getting too full and the water has nowhere to go. Get the septic system checked out and be prepared for septic tank pumping to be something that needs to get done soon.

Sign 4: Flushing Issues

If your toilet gurgles or has issues when it is flushed, your septic tank might be filling up and it’s important to get the tank pumped out before the issue gets worse than some noise during the flushing.

septic tank pumping in Novato, CA

Sign 5: Pooling Water Outside

If you see that the septic area has water pooling in it, you may want to get the tank pumped out. The water may not have anywhere to go since the tank is full so it simply pools in the grass. That’s not something you want to have happen for very long.

When you have a septic system, it can run well for a long time, but it will need septic tank pumping in Novato, CA at some point or another. You might want to have it done on a regular basis or, otherwise, watch for the above signs that things are filling up fast. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help you with maintenance and prevention.

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Septic Tank Issues When The Guests Arrive

You might know from past experience that your out of state family members and friends sprinkled across the country love nothing more than to visit you over the summer months. Summer is fantastic in this area of the country so it only makes sense that it would draw people who want to see you—and have a nice vacation—at the same time. You might also know from experience that when guests arrive, that’s when things inconveniently go wrong with your home. You need emergency septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA, for example. Here are some things you can do to prevent those catastrophes and to enjoy the visit all that much more.

Get The Septic Tank Pumped In Advance

When you talk to the professionals in the industry, you can figure out about how fast your septic tank fills up based on your regular usage. You can get onto a schedule for pumping so you ensure that you never get things so full that you have backups into the house or other issues. Keeping on that schedule and making sure the tank is pumped before lots of guests arrive can help you prevent issues.

Rent A Portable Bathroom

While you might have a nice guest room, there may not be enough bathrooms to go around. If there’s always a line at the bathroom in your house when guests are around, it’s putting a lot of stress on your septic system as well. You might want to rent a portable restroom to give everyone more relief when needed, and to relieve your system from being too taxed at once. There are nice, fully flushing restrooms that can be a real help for when you have lots of guests.

Rest The System When Possible

Since there might be a lot of showers and toilet flushing, you will want to rest the system when you can. Avoid doing laundry at the same time and don’t run the dishwasher. Perhaps save those things for the overnight hours when the system has had a change to relax. You need to take breaks between big water usage to let the system process what has been thrown its way.

septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA

Provide Direction

Asks guests not to flush anything besides toilet paper. They may not have a septic system and they don’t know how to treat one. Politely giving direction can help you avoid something that they would remember (for the worse) for a long time about visiting you.

When you need more advice about your septic system or if you want to get septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA before your guests arrive, contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc. We understand how beautiful this area is in the summer and we want your guests to enjoy every bit of their stay without any bathroom backup issues caused by your septic system overload. Give us a call with any questions or for an inspection on your tank before the guests descend onto your property.

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Summer Septic Tank Pumping

The best time of the year to get septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA done is whenever you need to have the tank pumped out. However, maintenance in general is easier to do during the summer months. Here are just a few reasons why summer septic tank pumping is a good thing to look into if you are in need during that season.

Tanks Are Easier To Access

The winter months aren’t always all that cold here so you don’t have to worry about snow very often, btu the ground can still get frozen and cold. There might be leaves in the yard or other things covering the tank. During the summer, you are out in the yard regularly mowing and cleaning up. That makes the tank pumping process go faster and easier and it can even save you money if the job is able to be some more efficiently.

Fix Leaks Before The Cold

During the summer months, it’s a good time for technicians to identify any leaks you may have in your tank or septic lines. They can see that the grass is greener or that the drain field is mushy and shouldn’t be in certain areas. It’s easier to fix those things when it’s nice and warm. Cold pipes can cause all sorts of other issues and you want those problems fixed before the cold seasons hit.

More Use? More Maintenance

Since this is such a nice area of the country (and you’re lucky to live here all the time!) you might have more visitors coming from other areas to visit you during the summer months The more you use the system, the more maintenance it will need in the long run. You might need the pumping done on the septic tank over the summer simply because you are using it a lot more with all of your guests. You don’t want to have a backup issue when you have company in town, that’s for sure.

septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA

If you aren’t sure whether or not you need septic tank pumping, in the summer or any other time of the year, watch for certain signs that things are getting to a critical point. If you see water backing up in the sink, tub, or toilet, that’s a good sign that you need help right away. If the drains are being slow or you notice the yard smelling like sewage, those are signs as well. It’s important to get things looked over and the tanks pumped out as soon as you notice anything amiss around your home, so you don’t have any backups or other incidents that are more major.

While summer is an idea time for septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA, the best time is when you need the job done. Every septic tank has to be pumped out on occasion and when you talk to the professionals at American Sanitation Inc about your usage and habits, we can help you figure out what kind of a schedule you need to get on in order to get the tanks cleaned out at the right times.

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Septic Tank Pumping And Repair Ideals

Septic systems are great plumbing solutions to homes and businesses that aren’t on city water systems. But the systems do need maintenance and occasionally, even repairs. It’s smart for you, as the homeowner, to understand when you need septic tank pumping in Novato, CA and when other repairs are necessary.

It is always a good idea to know your septic system well so you can recognize when repairs are necessary. You know, for example, if there is sewage backing up into your home that you need things fixed right away. You also know that if your sinks are draining slowly, there’s an issue that needs to be looked into. You might see pools of water around the septic tank or odors coming into the house or from around the tank. Know those basic signs and when you see any of them arise, act quickly to get professional attention for your system before things get worse.

When you own a septic system, you need to have a trusted professional on hand so you are able to have someone come to your home quickly to take care of things if they come up. Research businesses in the area that deal with septic systems so you are prepared for the future if or when you need someone to help you out.

It’s also wise to have regular inspections so you can avoid unnecessary repair bills in the future. Nothing has to break down if you keep up with maintenance and fix small things along the way as they come up.

While you might be handy around your house, it is not a good idea to attempt repairs on your septic system on your own. Hiring a trained technician is in your best interest so you can ensure that the system was repaired or pumped properly and in a safe manner. Repairs can even be dangerous if they are done by someone that doesn’t know what they are doing.

septic tank pumping in Novato, CA

The best thing you can do for the process is understand how to use the system efficiently and effectively. When you use the system correctly, you are going to have fewer problems. However, you have to ensure that you get pumping done on regular intervals because even if you use the system well, you are still going to fill it up.

It can be complicated to deal with a septic system if you don’t know how to operate one in an effective and efficient manner. Don’t forget that every system is going to need septic tank pumping in Novato, CA and it’s also a good idea to get inspections on a regular basis so you can ward off repairs that might become emergencies if they are ignored long enough. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help you with advice, repairs, inspections, pumping, and anything else you need to take good care of your septic systems. Give us a call with any questions you have and we’re happy to come to your home to take a look.

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Does Your Tank Look Full After Septic Tank Pumping?

If you have a septic system, it will need septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA done on a regular basis as the tank is going to fill up, no matter how well you maintain it. You want a healthy, efficient system and you will have to get pumping done on occasion to ensure that will be the case. Once the pumping is done, have you ever looked into the tank and seen that the water level is still high? Did the pumping even work? What is going on? You might be concerned about the process, but you might not know what the process is all about and what was done. Here are some pieces of information to help you understand what you need.

Water Is A Necessary Part Of The Tank

When you have septic tank pumping done, the professionals are removing the solid waste, or the sludge, from the tank. If your tank has too much sludge, it can start to back up through the pipes or even flood your yard. You don’t want to have backups within your septic tank. At the very least, having too much sludge in the tank will cause it to run slower and less efficiently, something you also don’t want.

Something you may not know about your tank and the septic system as a whole is that there are standard operating levels for all of them. The tank needs to be filled about 8-12” from the lid. The measurement varies based on the size and type of the tank you have. Your tank has to have that standard operating level if the water stops below the outlet pipe. When water surpasses the pipe, the tank is overfilled. When the water level is high, the system might be failing. You will want to have the system inspected regularly so that the water is restricted to the right levels. If it’s too high, you might need a professional. And, until then, cut back on your water use to get by.

septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA

Overfilling Causes

It’s good to know as much as you can about your septic system so you are able to prevent as many problems as you can. There are several reasons why the septic tank might overfill. You might notice that the this is happening if your drain field is malfunctioning. The water flow might flood your drain field. IF you’re using a lot more water in the house than normal, the tank can get overfilled as well.

When you get septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA done, don’t worry that it still looks like the tank has a lot of water in it. It should. It needs to have just the right amount. IF you have questions about septic tank pumping, water levels, or anything else regarding maintenance, call the professionals at American Sanitation Inc for help. We’re happy to inspect your system, do the pumping when it is needed, and help in any other way we can.

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Learning More About Your Septic System

When you move into a home that has a septic system, it may be your first time living somewhere that has a system like that. There are things you are going to need to learn about, like how often septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA needs to be done and how you should treat the system to get the most efficiency. If you’re new to the operation, here are some ways you can learn more about the way things work.

Go Online

Most people head straight to their computers when they want to learn about something today, and that’s a great place to start. You can find a wealth of information online about septic systems and their care. You just have to make sure you are visiting reputable websites and getting information from sources that are giving you factual details. As long as that is the case, you can get lots of things you need from the websites you visit.

Talk To Friends Who Have Septic Systems

If you move to a neighborhood where people are set up on septic tanks, talk to friends or some new neighbors to find out details about how things work. They will have tips and tricks that have worked well for them over the years, and they might even be able to recommend a septic pumping company that you can call when you need that service or any other kind of help. It’s a great way to get the low down on septic tanks, and how they work in that specific area.

septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA

Have An Inspection From Professionals

When you move to a new home, you might want to have the septic system inspected to make sure everything is as it should be. While the professionals do that, you can talk to them, ask questions, and get advice. It’s a good idea to figure out how to operate the system and what you should or shouldn’t do with it in order to run it efficiently and effectively. While the professionals are nice people, you don’t want to have to call them to your home any more than necessary. It’s also good to know the warning signs for when your septic tank is filling up and in need of septic tank pumping so you can stay on top of that. That’s a service that will be necessary no matter how good you are to the tank.

When you need advice on your septic system, or you are ready for septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA, the professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help. We work with septic systems every day and we know everything there is to know about them. But we understand a lot of homeowners are new to the process and we are happy to help you figure out what you need to know in order to treat things as they need to be treated to operate well within your home. We can help with maintenance questions and pumping any time.

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Reasons To Get Septic Tank Pumping Done

When you own a home, you are responsible for the maintenance of that home. Having a septic system means you are going to need septic tank pumping in Novato, CA on occasion. Even if you are very good to your tank and follow all of the rules and advice of professionals, you are still going to need pumping from time to time. Here are a few reasons to get septic tank pumping done.

You Have A Septic Tank

This reason might make you roll your eyes, but that doesn’t make it any less true. You need septic tank pumping simply if you have a septic system. There’s nothing you can do to avoid the process. However, if you are good to your septic system, you won’t have to have the process done as often. But you will still need to have septic tank pumping on occasion, no matter what. The tank is going to get full and there’s nothing you can do to prevent that. You can slow it down, but it’ll still happen.

You Want Efficiency

There are lots of parts of your house that you’d like to be efficient. The septic tank is definitely one such area. You don’t want to overload the system and you will do just that if you don’t have septic tank pumping done when it is necessary. You want the system to work well and for a long time so it’s important to get pumping done for efficiency’s sake.

You Don’t Want Overflows

There are lots of things that can go wrong with a septic tank if you don’t get the pumping done at regular intervals. The very last thing you want is for the dirty water and other debris in that tank to come back into your house. That kind of overflow and backup is hard to clean up and can be a real mess and hassle. If you don’t want to deal with overflows, have the septic tank pumped out when it is needed.

septic tank pumping in Novato, CA

You Don’t Like Foul Smells

Does anyone really want to smell the things that are in the septic tank? Of course not. When the tank gets too full, you might start to smell it around your hard, or even in your house as the scent makes its way back through the pipes. If you don’t like those smells, and who does, get the tank pumped out on occasion when it is necessary.

Having a septic system means you have a responsibility to your home and to that system to keep things cleaned out. You will have to get septic tank pumping in Novato, CA every few years and there are plenty of signs that will tell you it’s time to do that. You can also call American Sanitation Inc and have our professionals come to your home to inspect the tank and the system and that will help you to get the pumping done when it is needed so everything stayed in good working order.

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Preparing Your Septic Tank For Guests

Your septic system runs well, and you use it effectively. You are careful about what you put down the drain and it’s important to keep up with maintenance. That’s all well and good for when you have a family of four, but what about when you have visitors and that small number skyrockets fast? You might want to make sure you get a septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA before the company arrives so you are ready for the uptick in usage.

Septic tanks, in general, are great for homes because they can run efficiently and effectively. They can help to conserve water and work well for your home. But it’s up to you to look after a septic system and overloading it when you have a lot of people over could be a problem. Average septic tanks can hold 1000 gallons of water. It’s hard to go over that limit on a regular usage day, but it’s not that hard to get over that when you have guests over. You might have a lot more toilet flushing, showers, and so on.

Overloading your septic system can have a huge impact on the tank and other areas. Too much water in a few hours can overwhelm the drain field and cause backups that you never want to have when you have guests over—or at any other time. When you know the septic tank is going to be working more than usual, you might want to have it pumped out, so it is as close to empty as possible. That will reduce the chance of having too much water going into the tank at a time.

You should also put a stop to the laundry and limit the dishwashing, if at all possible. You might be able to put those things off for times when no one is up and using the water. Also try to space showers out so that all of the guests and all of your family aren’t showering in the morning within a couple of hour span.

septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA

The key to septic use when guests are over is similar to the key when you are with your regular family. You need to space things out and allow the tank to do its thing without overwhelming it. With some thought and the right care, you can do that even with extra people in the house.

Before your guests arrive, if you want to have your system checked out and septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA done, the professionals at American Sanitation are here to help. We want your visit to go as well as it can and that means having a septic system that operates efficiently and effectively without causing problems that you most certainly don’t want to deal with when you are entertaining company for a few days. We can check things over and make sure everything is ready to operate. We can also offer tips to help you get through the visit with a septic tank intact.

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Reasons To Schedule Regular Septic Tank Pumping

There are lots of things you will want to know about septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA and the maintenance that goes along with having a septic system on your home. If you talk to the builder, or even a septic tank specialist, they might tell you that there are certain things you should never put down the drain. You should also run certain high ticket water items at intervals so you’re not draining too much water into the tanks at once. Another good recommendation is to have your septic tank inspected, maintained, and pumped out regularly. Here are a few reasons why that is the case.

Reason 1: Avoid Nasty Surprises

There are good surprises and then there are the kind of surprises that your septic tank can spring up on you. You do not want to have any kind of septic tank emergency because none of those surprises are good. Having your system checked regularly and pumped out on a schedule will help you to avoid those types of surprises. When you check things on a regular basis, you can keep prices down and allow your system to work longer and avoid long-term damage.

Reason 2: Maintain Efficiency

When you have regular checkups and you maintain your septic system well, you are able to keep things running not only effectively, which is very important, but also efficiently You want things to work well, so you don’t have a lot of energy waste or water contamination. It’s important to your home and the ease in which you use the system.

Reason 3: Increase Resale Value

There are lots of things that come together to make your home worth whatever value you put on it. If you are going to sell your home, having a septic system that has been well maintained and that you can prove has had regular inspections is going to be worth more. Having the tank pumped out and checked out as needed is a good way to increase value.

septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA

If you have never had a septic tank pumping or inspection before, you may wonder what will happen. The professionals will look everything over, both inside and outside of your home, and give you a report that outlines any issues they have found, what might need to be fixed right away, or what may need to be addressed later. The repots will help you figure out what steps to take and it’s something you can hold onto for proof of the inspection later.

When you are ready for a maintenance check and septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA, the professionals at American Sanitation are here to help. We can give you advice whenever you need it if you want to call. We can also come to your home and see what you need to have done on your septic tank. It’s important to head off any huge issues when they are small so you can keep things as simple as possible for your home.