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septic tank pumping in Novato, CA

Septic Tank Health Tips

If you own a home that has a septic system, you are going to want to keep that system as healthy as possible. It’s smart to maintain and take good care of that system so you don’t have problems that might cause issues in the home. It’s a lot better to keep things up to date than to try and fix things later. There are lots of things you can do to keep the system healthy, like septic tank pumping in Novato, CA, among other things. Here are a few things you will want to do to keep that septic system and the tank healthy.

Avoid Putting Anti-Bacterial Down The Drain

There are bacteria in the septic tank and that’s a good thing. Those bacteria help to break down the waste in the tank and keep it operating as it should. You don’t want to kill those bacteria off, or the system won’t work efficiently any longer. Don’t get soap with anti-bacterial properties in it and don’t use anti-bacterial cleaners. Those items are going to end up in the septic tank where they will do a lot more harm than good.

Never Since Grease Down The Sink

When you cook with oil or grease, you don’t want to rinse that down the sink, even if it has cooled. That stuff can harder even more as it cools further and add a coating to the inside of the pipe. That allows less items to get through and can cause clogs to happen rather quickly. Let the grease cool and then, simply put it in a container and throw it away instead of putting it down the drain.

Don’t Flush Anything But Toilet Paper

It’s tempting to flush things other than toilet paper. Flushable wipes, for example, sound safe, but there’s no such thing as a wipe that is flushable. You are going to want to flush only waste and toilet paper and that’s it. That will help you to keep your septic system healthy and in good working order.

septic tank pumping in Novato, CA

Have Septic Tank Pumping Done Regularly

The septic tank, even if you are really good to it, is going to fill up. You won’t want to go 5 years without having the tank pumped out. Talk to the professionals and see how often you need a tank pumping based on how large your tank is and how much water your family uses. You can schedule those pumping’s to happen every few years, so you don’t have the tank fill up and cause clogs and other issues in the home.

When you want to talk to professionals about other septic tips, or if you need septic tank pumping in Novato, CA, the experts at American Sanitation Inc are here to help. We want your system to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Give us a call any time you want an inspection done or if you just have questions about septic systems and the types of things you can do or shouldn’t do in order to keep it working well.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

Outdoor Events This Fall

Events in general have taken a nosedive over the past year and a half, but things are on the rise once again as people are getting vaccinated and are feeling more comfortable being around others. Outdoor events generally call for portable toilets in Petaluma, CA and if you are organizing something this fall, it’s important to consider the options where portable toilets are concerned.

Outdoor Events Are Safer

If you have to choose between indoor or outdoor events right now, outdoor events are safer. People are more likely to attend something outside in the fresh air where they can space themselves away from others than they are to attend something inside that might lead to complications later. You can more safely plan an outdoor event and expect it to happen, even as things change in the virus world. Being outside is just a safer place to be right now.

Masking Is Spotty

Masks come and go and there are some areas of the country that require them while others just recommend them. It’s even optional in some places. Since masking is spotty at the moment, having an event outside can help you in many ways. First of all, many people may feel comfortable and won’t feel the need to wear a mask at all since they are out in the fresh air. And, since masking is something that can be hot, fall is a good time of year for an event if masks are something people want to wear since it won’t be as hot.

Portable Toilets Will Be Needed

Having portable toilets for an outdoor event is always going to be a good idea and there are a lot of options for the toilets. You can get standard portable toilets with hand washing stations, but there are also luxury options that have full running water, sinks, and the works. These options feel like real bathrooms and can make people feel welcomed and safe in the outdoor environment.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

Clean Hands Are Always Important

Clean hands have always been important around portable toilets and bathrooms in general, but the need to thoroughly wash hands is even greater right now. Whatever portable toilet options are present, it’s a good idea to have hand washing stations, hand sanitizer, and other things to ensure that everyone around the event has the ability to clean their hands whenever they feel the need.

There are lots of things to think about no matter what type of event you are trying to have. When the event is outside and there aren’t facilities nearby, portable toilets in Petaluma, CA are something you are going to need to look into. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to go over the options with you and even get into details as to how things are serviced and cleaned for your safety and for the safety of your guests. Whatever questions you have, we are here to answer them and it’s important that you get the information you need before you make any decisions for your event.

septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA

When Something Gets Flushed That Shouldn’t

You might know the things you can and can’t flush down your toilet. It’s always best to flush only waste and toilet paper. But that doesn’t mean everyone in the house or everyone who will visit will adhere to the same rules. There can even be accidents that occur when something gets dropped while the toilet is flushing. What can you do when that happens? The professionals can help with septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA if the need arises, but you might want to try a few other things first. Here are some options.

Try Plunging

If the item that was flushed is clogging the toilet up, your first recourse is to simply plunge the toilet with a regular plunger. Be gentle about it, but try that and it might move the item along down the pipes. Having something that shouldn’t be in the septic tank isn’t going to be a huge deal as long as it isn’t harmful to the overall ecosystem in the tank. The item can come out when it is pumped out later. Your main goal will be to get the item to move along and not clog the pipes.

Snake The Item Out

If you have a snake, you can try sticking that down the drain to possibly fish the item back out. You might have used a snake in the past when the drain gets clogged with hair. Try that and you could either grab onto the item or you might be able to push it through the pipe so there is no longer a clog.

Have A Plumber Pressure Jet

Plumbers can help you with a variety of piping and plumbing issues. If the item gets stuck in the pipes, you can have a plumber come and pressure jet the pipes. They can send streams of water through the pipes and push the item through, so it won’t cause issues in the pipes any longer.

septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA

Have Septic Tank Pumping

If you are concerned about the item being in the septic tank causing problems, or if the wrong things have been put down the toilet on several occasions, you might want to have the professionals come and pump the tank out. This is something that has to be done every few years, even if you are good to your septic tank, so it doesn’t hurt to have it done so you can rid the tank of the items that were flushed.

If you want to know what might happen when a certain item goes down the toilet or down another drain, you can call the professionals to ask questions. They might say that it’s a good idea to get septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA done or, it might not be a big deal. But it can give you peace of mind to know what is going on within your septic system when something like this occurs. Contact the experts at American Sanitation Inc and we can help.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Portable Toilets Can Bring Beauty

Have you ever thought of portable toilets in Novato, CA as something beautiful? Probably not, but if you have a classy even that is going to happen outside, it’s important to have portable options available for people’s needs. You don’t want to have the portable toilets that you think of when ‘portable toilets’ come to mind, but there are options that can suit your event and bring beauty to the day in a whole new way. Here are some of the things you can get from luxury portable toilets.

Climate Control

There’s nothing worse than having to use a portable toilet on a hot day when you’re already feeling sticky. The interior can be hot, smelly, and too much to handle. With luxury options, you can get a portable toilet that actually has climate control. It’s a relief from the heat to go inside that portable toilet unit to use the facilities. Climate control can really help the facilities feel much more like a regular bathroom and even something you appreciate and enjoy after being outside.

Running Water

Part of the issue people have with portable toilets is that there isn’t running water. The toilet can’t be flushed and while there are often hand sanitizing stations, there’s no way to cleanse and wash your hands completely. With luxury portable toilets, you have full running water facilities. There’s a tank on the toilet so you are able to flush, just like you would a regular bathroom. You can also wash your hands in a sink with full running water. Having a bathroom with a toilet that flushes and a sink that has running water can make it feel like a bathroom you would use anywhere else.

High-End Touches

Many of these luxury toilets are going to have high-end touches that make them look and feel nice. They might have vanities with wood, décor that feels elegant, and other such things. You can relax and feel like the option fits the event you are having and the guests’ expectations as well as their needs.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Large Mirrors

There aren’t usually mirrors in portable toilets at all, but these luxury options feel like real bathrooms, which means they often have large mirrors. It’s nice to have that for an elegant event so you can check your appearance, comb your hair, and make sure you don’t have anything in your teeth.

When you are looking into options for a classy event you are going to have outside, there are luxury portable toilets in Novato, CA that can suit your needs in every way. You don’t have to worry about them standing out as something guests don’t appreciate. In fact, with climate control, running water, large mirrors, and high-end touches, it can be something the guests actually enjoy about the event. If you want to look into the options, the professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help. You can check all of the inventory and see what would work best for your event and the guests you will have.