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portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

Use Portable Toilets When Emergency Strikes

You can’t predict when an emergency is going to strike or with a disaster will occur, as much as you might like to. And when something happens, it might bring about practical needs that simply have to be met. You might be able to meet some of those needs through renting portable toilets in Petaluma, CA for your home or business. Here are some disasters that could call for a portable toilet for the time being.

Pipes Breaking

If you have a plumbing failure so big that a pipe breaks, you might have to shut the water to your house off for the time being. Portable toilets can help you meet basic needs for your family, or for those who work or visit your business. People are going to need the facilities and if the water is going to be off for any length of time, having a portable toilet accessible will become a necessity.

Frozen Pipes

You may not think about your pipes freezing in this area of the country, but it certainly can happen. Frozen pipes make them unusable and you are going to want them to thaw out before they rupture. The delay to repairs can be longer if the pipes are overused and break because of it. You won’t want to have the water running as usual and a portable toilet can help get you by during the interim.

A Sewer Back Up

With any luck, you will never have your sewer back up on you, but when it happens, the last thing you want to do is add more waste to the situation. There’s going to be plumbing repair work that might need to be done and you may need clean up and restoration of certain spaces as well. Having a portable toilet on site can help the people who come in to do that work as well as our family or business employees get by in the meantime.

Bad Storms

If a bad storm rolls through and damages something on your home, you might not have a functional restroom for a certain length of time. It can be hard to disrupt your routine, but you have to address what has happened and that might mean getting a portable toilet until you can get things back in working order.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

Fire Damage

Fires most often start in the kitchen, but they can quickly spread to other parts of the house. IF the bathroom has been damaged, no matter where the fire started, those on scene cleaning up and restoring things will need a restroom, as will your family.

There are lots of other things that can happen to a home or business that might require renting portable toilets in Petaluma, CA during the repair and restoration process. If you are facing an emergency or some kind of disaster, contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc and we can help you figure out what you need, where to place it, a cleaning schedule, and everything else to help you through this situation.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Doing Away With Pranks Around Portable Toilets

Have you ever had a job where you saw a lot of strange things you never imagined? If you ever worked cleaning hotel rooms, for example, you might have been amazed by the things people left behind or did in that room. If you worked in a restaurant, you might have been amazed at what people ordered or the things they left on the table. As you can imagine, the people who work in the business of portable toilets in Sonoma, CA have seen a lot of things, too. While there are plenty of pranks related to portable toilets, the professionals have heard of them all and they have seen quite a few of them. However, while many of them might seem like they are all in good fun, they can actually be very dangerous—and even illegal. Here are a few pranks you will want to avoid if you are around portable toilets—for your own good and for everyone else’s sake.

Tipping The Toilet With Someone Inside

For this type of prank, it’s hilarious to anyone outside the portable toilet. But place yourself inside and imagine how you would feel. Everyone is laughing at you. You could get doused with waste. You might hit your head and have a serious injury. You could even catch an illness from the waste that is covering you. Is it still funny? Not exactly. It can seriously hurt someone and that’s not worth any laughs anyone can get.

Fireworks Being Set Off

There’s something about people and fireworks that is a dangerous combination, even out in the open. Setting fireworks off inside a portable toilet is a downright bad idea. Yes, it’ll make a lot noise. The portable toilet might even explode and fly about. But it can cause injury to the people around it, plus, portable toilets cost thousands of dollars to replace. Setting fireworks off inside is the same as vandalism and you could have charges pressed against you for property damage. The law doesn’t care if you were just trying to have fun.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Trapping Animals Inside

So you saw a raccoon around the portable toilet. Should you trap it inside and abandon it there? Um, no. Wild animals are meant to be left alone and observed from a far. If you trap one inside the portable toilet, that’s not good for the product, or for the animal. It’s another thing you can be charged for and there could be hefty fines brought up against you. Plus, trapping a wild animal is cruel to them and it can be dangerous for whoever opens the portable toilet door later.

There are certain things you would never imagine doing around portable toilets in Sonoma, CA, but some people do (and have) pulled such pranks. Keep things professional and be smart about how you act when you see portable toilets. Pranks aren’t funny around these products. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help you with any rental needs you have.

septic tank pumping Sonoma, CA

Odors Coming From Drains

Odors in your house can be annoying, but there’s a difference between smelling your son’s dirty sweat socks and an odor coming from the sink or another drain in the house. You can wash sweaty socks, but what can you do about the drains? There are small things you can do to mask the odor, but you might be getting signs from your septic system that septic tank pumping Sonoma, CA is necessary. Here are a few things you will want to try and do to figure out the issue before it gets worse.

Clean The Sink’s Overflow

If it’s a sink that is the issue, check the overflow and clean it out. There’s usually a hole under the faucet, or just across from it. The overflow can get clogged up and that can cause odors to enter the bathroom. Just use a small bottle brush and a solution of bleach water to clean the buildup. If the scent clears up, you can move on from the problem after the clean occurs.

Clean The Drains

You might have scents coming from a variety of drains at once and there can be tons of different materials going down them. Sinks can clog with toothpaste and soaps and showers can clog with hair and shampoo. The buildup can lead to odors and you don’t want to smell any of those things once they rot and get gross. Try placing a solution of vinegar and baking soda down the drain and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, flush the drain. You can repeat the process a few times to get rid of the smell. If that doesn’t work, investigate further issues and methods.

Look For Leaks

Odors can also come from leaky pipes. If there’s a pipe leaking somewhere, the sewer smells from the septic tank can leak into the bathroom, and that’s certainly something you don’t want. You can look for signs of a leak through standing water, drips, or water damage on the walls, ceiling, or other areas.

septic tank pumping Sonoma, CA

If you have tried all of these things and you are still smelling things coming from your drains, you might want to check into septic tank pumping Sonoma, CA. This is a process that has to be done every few years as the septic tank will fill up, no matter how nicely you treat it and how well you maintain it. If you suspect there’s something up with the septic system, it’s best to get things checked over by the professionals before anything gets worse than it already is. Call

American Sanitation Inc and we can come to your home for a free consultation and assessment. We can let you know what we find and give you an estimate for any repairs or maintenance items you might need to run. We can also give you advice as to what you might want to do to keep things running smoothly—and odors at bay in the future.

septic tank pumping Petaluma, CA

Working From Home–The Impact On Septic Tanks

More people are working from home now than ever before. There are a lot of things that change in your home when you work from that space instead of in an outside office. For example, you might notice that your energy bills are higher because you want the heat and air to be at a comfortable level throughout the day. Plus, you are using your computer, printer, and other electrical devices. You might also notice that you need septic tank pumping Petaluma, CA more often than you did in the past.

It makes sense that more people are working from home these days and your family might be spending a lot more time at home in between other schedules. Those items are going to have an impact on the septic system as a whole. Here are a few reasons why that is the case and what you can do about it.

Further Water Use

When everyone is away from the house eight or more hours a day, the septic system isn’t working on transferring water. When you are at home, however, you are sing the restroom, preparing meals, washing dishes, showering, flushing, and doing other such things. You can use dozens if not hundreds of more gallows of fresh water a day through simply being home and living every day life. That means your septic tank will have to process more water than perhaps it did in the past.

Less Septic Rest

Your septic system perhaps was used to processing water and waste during the evening hours and even overnight. But during the day, it gets a break when you and your family are away from the house. It can catch up on processing anything that is needs to and it can eat away at the waste in the tank through the bacteria that is always working hard. But when you start working at home, the septic tank and the system as a whole doesn’t get the break it is used to having. IT has to work harder, which can cause further issues at times.

septic tank pumping Petaluma, CA

More Chances For Something To Go Wrong

You might be very careful about what you place down the drains, but everyone is using hand sanitizer these days and you might buy other products with anti bacterial in them and that can kill off some of the bacteria that is trying to work for you in the septic tank. There are other mistakes you can make with our septic systems and you are more likely to make those mistakes if you are home more often.

The more you use the septic system, the faster the tank will fill up and you are going to have to have septic tank pumping Petaluma, CA done more often than you did in the past. That may feel like a small price to pay for being allowed to work at home. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc can advise you as to how often you need to have that process done.