portable toilets in Novato, CA

Portable Toilet Rental After COVID

While the COVID pandemic is still raging around the country, some of the events have gone back to normal, at least a new sense of normal. People feel more comfortable in outdoor settings, making outside events more popular than ever. Everyone wants to get out of the house and be active again and that means there’s a high need for portable toilets in Novato, CA to serve those attending these events. Here are some things you need to know about portable toilet rental in the midst of the pandemic and germ awareness.


Hand Washing Stations Are At The Height Of Importance

If you get portable toilets that are more on the standard side, you will want to ensure that you have hand washing stations, and enough of them. Provide several hand washing stations for each portable toilet area. You will also want to make sure they are always stocked with soap and dry, disposable hand towels. In addition to hand washing after using the toilets, there may be others at the event that will want to wash their hands throughout the event. You may even want to get a few extra stations to place near food outlets so people can wash their hands before eating and after handling money.


Anti-Bacterial Is Comforting

Even if the hand washing stations are busy, you will want to ensure that each portable toilet has a fully stocked anti-bacterial dispenser. They can at least disinfect their hands that way after using the facilities. And, again, there might be other times when people just want a quick squirt to make them feel better about being out in public around other people.


Cleanliness Is Paramount To Success

No one really ever wants to use a dirty portable toilet, but people got by on those kinds of things in the past. Today, however, clean facilities are even more important than ever before. Everyone wants to feel safe when they use the facilities and that means the restrooms have to be serviced and cleaned regularly. When you get the rental set up, you can make sure the professionals are going to service the toilets regularly, but you might also want to have event staff checking in on the toilets, wiping things down, adding toilet paper and soap, and making sure things are as clean as possible.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Consider Fully Flushing Toilets

Portable toilets have a certain stigma to them and while these facilities today are very nice, you might want to consider getting fully flushing versions because they feel much more like a regular bathroom. People can wash their hands right there in the bathroom and even flush the toilet so there is no waste sitting below them. That can make people feel more confident about the event as a whole.


If you are getting an outdoor event organized, portable toilets in Sonoma, CA might be necessary and the professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help you figure out what you need to meet needs and keep people safe.