portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

How Portable Toilet Cleaning Works

If you have to rent portable toilets in Sonoma, CA for an event and they are going to be on-site for quite a few days, you might wonder how they are going to be cleaned out. The professional companies can help you to set up a service plan so they portable toilets stay in good operating condition for the length of their stay. Depending on how long they will be there and how heavy their use will be, you will want to have them cleaned out and serviced during their stay. But how does that work? Here are some of the details.

Pumping Out The Tank

One of the first things the technicians will do when they arrive to service the portable toilets is pump out the tanks. They need to remove the waste, water, and other items from the tank to make room for more use. Taking away that waste is a huge part of the servicing process.

Filling Up The Water

The portable toilets don’t remain completely empty, even if they are newly services. The technicians will fill the tank back up with a small amount of water that can help to catch waste and dampen any odors.

Chemicals For Odor And Bacteria

They will also add certain chemicals to the mix so it can take away odors and kill of bacteria that might have grown in the tank during the days of use. That’s an important part of making the portable toilet a pleasant experience for anyone who must use it in the upcoming days of your event.

Scrubbing With Cleaning Solutions

Once the tank is taken care of, the technicians will scrub the interior and exterior of the portable toilet unit to cleanse it and make it look and smell nice. The cleaning solutions take care of bacteria and make it a clean place for your guests to use the next time it is needed.

Re-Stocking Items

Before they complete the process, the technicians will also re-stock everything within the toilet. They will make sure the toilet paper roll is fresh and that there are extras. If there’s a hand sanitizer inside or outside of the portable toilet, they will fill it up. Some portable toilets are fully flushing and have sinks and running water. If that’s the case, they will fill the soap there. Otherwise, there might be a hand washing station outside that came with the unit. They will clean and sanitize that as well as fill paper towels and hand soap there as well.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Once the technicians leave after servicing the portable toilets in Sonoma, CA, the units should be in good operating order once again, as if they just arrived for the very first time. You will want to talk to the professionals at American Sanitation Inc about how long your event in and how heavy you expect use of the rented toilets to be. That can help you set up a good length of time between servicing so everyone can get what they need from the rental.