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Vallejo Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets On Vineyards And Farms

There are a lot of beautiful spaces in and around California and the area is known for its vineyards and farms. If you own such a place, you may have farmers, pickers, family members, and staff that require facilities throughout the day. There are things you will have to do to get portable toilets in in Vallejo, CA on the grounds in the right locations for your workers and for your farm’s good.

While it makes logical sense that you need to provide restrooms for people working outside for long periods of time, there are also GAP Compliance rules. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practice and consist s of regulations that ensure food safety. The principles revolve around preventing food contamination, even during the picking and harvesting stage. Preventing contamination before it occurs means consumers can have confidence in the crops. It helps you avoid financial hits from contamination, and you don’t have to worry about decontaminating, either.

Being GAP compliant even goes back to the portable toilets you provide. Single ground units have to have sinks provided as well, either inside or outside of the unit, so that workers can wash their hands over use. The portable restrooms must be serviced on a regular basis to showcase cleanliness. And there should be charts that show it is well stocked with soap, toilet paper, and other such items.

These restrooms much be easily accessible and visible from certain parts of the grounds, so all of the workers know where to find them. If you aren’t sure where to place them, or how many you need, rental experts can help you with that. You may want something temporary that you can move when the crops are being harvested in different locations. Rental experts can take care of those moving’s as well.

Often, farm workers aren’t the only ones using portable toilets on a farm or vineyard. If you have visitors that come through, you want facilities for them as well. You may want to have a bank of toilets, possible even with a handicapped option, so you can satisfy both the workers, and those who are visiting the farm. IF you have a u-pick option, for example, you want visitors to have the capability of washing their hands as well.

Being GAP compliant is very important to any farm and the professionals who rent portable toilets in Napa, CA can help you with those options. American Sanitation Inc is here to answer questions at (707) 554-8258 and you can come to our showroom and see options yourself at 1729 Action Avenue Napa, CA 94559. We’ll talk about your operation, how many people work there, how many guests you serve, and so on in order to come to the right conclusion to help your operation remain compliant and functional. You want working portable toilets in the right location with hand washing stations nearby for the best results. We can walk you through our recommendations and see what you want to do then.

septic tank system in Napa, CA

Unclogging Septic Tanks With Chemicals

Having clogged drains is a fact of life. Even if you are diligent about keeping foreign things out of the drains, hair can add up, dirt can build up, and clogs can happen. Many homeowners that have septic systems know that septic tank pumping in Napa, CA is a regular maintenance need. But they want to prevent that maintenance need from occurring too frequently when possible. They might, when a clog occurs, turn to chemical drain cleaners to wash those clogs away. However, even though commercials say that’ll take care of any issue, it’s important to know with a septic system, the opposite is true.

Bacteria is an integral part of running a septic system. What that means for drain cleaning is that any chemicals you pour down the drain could potentially kill off bacteria, which has an impact on the entire system. Within the septic tank, it’s the bacteria that breaks down the waste and releases it into the drain field. When the bacteria are killed off, nothing breaks down and tank pumping becomes a necessity.

The biggest problem with drain cleaners and unclogging agents is that they often have ingredients with high levels of bleach and other things that bur away clogs, but kill bacteria at the same time. Instead of reaching for what the commercials say will work, there are safe methods that can maintain your septic tank without problems.

You might want to first try boiling water. It can clear small clogs like hair and grease that might be getting in the way and it won’t damage the pipes or the septic system in any way. If that doesn’t work, you can use the harmless trick of vinegar and baking soda. Pour the baking soda down first then a little vinegar. It will bubble and can take clogs down with it when you then flush hot water down half an hour later.

If the clogs are close by, you can also try to remove them manually with a snake. If that doesn’t work and the drain is still clogged up, you might need a professional to assess what’s going on.

Having a septic tank can be the best solution for homes in certain regions, but you also need to know how to care for it and what you can and can’t use. When clogs get really bad, septic tank pumping in Napa, CA might be the only solution. For advice on what to do with your system, contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc. You can call us with questions at (707) 554-8258 or set up a time for us to come out and take a look at your system and tell you more about what’s going on and how you can maintain it well. You can also visit with us in person, if you’d like. We’re located at 1729 Action Avenue Napa, CA 94559 and we’re more than happy to go over cleaners with you, what works, what doesn’t, and what you should never use. We want your septic system to operate well!

portable toilets in Napa, CA

Using Portable Toilets In Colder Temperatures

If you’re planning an outdoor event, California is an ideal location. It has fair weather most of the year and you can count on the sunshine most days as well. You might need portable toilets in in Napa, CA for this event, but if you are going to have the event during the colder weather months, it’s important to consider that as well. Here are some things to think about surrounding portable toilets and colder temperatures.

The Area Surrounding The Toilets

When the colder months hit, it can mean rain, or possibly even a little snow, and then wet grounds around the portable toilets. People can drag mud in and out of the portable toilets and that makes them messy for everyone else. Consider putting some boards or other things around the toilets so the ground, even if it’s muddy, remains intact. You also don’t want the ground shifting so the toilets aren’t held in an even manner.

Keeping The Warmth

When the temperature dips, the last thing you want to do is expose skin when you need to use the facilities. The same will be said for your guests. Keep that in mind as you place the toilets. You might want to put them somewhere where the wind will be blocked and group units together so they can shield each other and keep the warmth. Place them so they get sunlight as well to keep them warmer during the day.

Remember Unit Sizes

Portable toilets come in many different sizes and if you are having a movie in the park night when it’s chilly, people might be wearing jackets, carrying blankets, and keeping warm in other ways. That means that larger units would be handy because of those extra layers and items that come along with them. Consider units that are fully flushing or handicapped just for the size differences, if nothing else.

Consider Trailers

Other than portable toilets that stand alone, you could get restroom trailers that are good for any temperature. They have climate-controlled interiors and allow you comfort all year long. They also have good lighting for safe use, even in the dark.

There are lots of ways to use portable toilets in Santa Rosa for the good of your event. In the colder weather, it’s even more important to take the advice from professionals who will have suggestions to make things as useful and comfortable as possible for you. Contact the experts at American Sanitation Inc. by calling (707) 554-8258 and we can talk to you about your event, get the details, and line up what will work the best for everyone involved. You can also visit us in person at 1729 Action Avenue Napa, CA 94559, take a look at the portable toilet options we have to offer, and go from there. We’re happy to talk to you about placement, cleaning, size, numbers, and much more to make sure your event has just what it needs to go well for everyone attending.

Septic Tanks in Napa

What Kitty Litter Means For Your Septic Tank

If you just moved into a house with a septic system, you may not know that much about it. Research will show you that septic tank pumping in Vallejo, CA is something you will have to do at some point. All septic tanks get full and need that kind of maintenance. But, of course, you want to avoid the pumping as much as possible and only do it when it’s absolutely necessary. For that, it’s important to learn more about your septic tank system and how you should use it. If you have a cat, one thing to know is that kitty litter going down the drain is one of the largest risks you can pos to your septic system.

Having a cat gives you a furry companion to pet. You might enjoy the purrs and company, but no one really likes having to clean out the litter box. If you like to watch out for the environment, the idea of throwing away plastic bags with clay-based litter in them every week might not suit you. Neither are biodegradable, after all, right? So, some owners turned to flushable kitty litter as a solution. However, even things that are labeled flushable should not really be flushed. In fact, if you use flushable or any kind of kitty litter and put it down your drains, it can lead to a whole system failure.

Think about the purpose of kitty litter. The litter is clay-based and absorbs liquid, which can control the smells in the littler box. Most litters clump so you can remove the clumps and keep the majority of the litter in the box for longer. When you combine those features and place them in your septic system, it can eb a catastrophe. Say you dump the box of litter down the toilet and flush. It clumps up, as it’s meant to do, and cogs the drain instantly. If it makes it to the septic tank, it clumps there and never breaks down as other things do in that environment. That also causes issues.

When you are new to having a septic tank, it’s important to find out what you can and cannot put down the drain. As a rule of thumb as you get started, don’t put anything down the toilets but human waste and toilet paper. You can find out more details about how to care for your tank with professionals who do septic tank pumping in Vallejo, CA. Contact the experts at American Sanitation Inc. when you need maintenance, have issues, or just wat to know more about how to care for your system. You can call us at (707) 554-8258 with questions or to set up any appointments to come out and look things over for you. We are located at 1729 Action Avenue Napa, CA 94559 if you’d like to speak to us in person about your concerns. We’re here to help you understand the septic system and maintain it in the best possible manner.