Vallejo Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets On Vineyards And Farms

There are a lot of beautiful spaces in and around California and the area is known for its vineyards and farms. If you own such a place, you may have farmers, pickers, family members, and staff that require facilities throughout the day. There are things you will have to do to get portable toilets in in Vallejo, CA on the grounds in the right locations for your workers and for your farm’s good.

While it makes logical sense that you need to provide restrooms for people working outside for long periods of time, there are also GAP Compliance rules. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practice and consist s of regulations that ensure food safety. The principles revolve around preventing food contamination, even during the picking and harvesting stage. Preventing contamination before it occurs means consumers can have confidence in the crops. It helps you avoid financial hits from contamination, and you don’t have to worry about decontaminating, either.

Being GAP compliant even goes back to the portable toilets you provide. Single ground units have to have sinks provided as well, either inside or outside of the unit, so that workers can wash their hands over use. The portable restrooms must be serviced on a regular basis to showcase cleanliness. And there should be charts that show it is well stocked with soap, toilet paper, and other such items.

These restrooms much be easily accessible and visible from certain parts of the grounds, so all of the workers know where to find them. If you aren’t sure where to place them, or how many you need, rental experts can help you with that. You may want something temporary that you can move when the crops are being harvested in different locations. Rental experts can take care of those moving’s as well.

Often, farm workers aren’t the only ones using portable toilets on a farm or vineyard. If you have visitors that come through, you want facilities for them as well. You may want to have a bank of toilets, possible even with a handicapped option, so you can satisfy both the workers, and those who are visiting the farm. IF you have a u-pick option, for example, you want visitors to have the capability of washing their hands as well.

Being GAP compliant is very important to any farm and the professionals who rent portable toilets in Napa, CA can help you with those options. American Sanitation Inc is here to answer questions at (707) 554-8258 and you can come to our showroom and see options yourself at 1729 Action Avenue Napa, CA 94559. We’ll talk about your operation, how many people work there, how many guests you serve, and so on in order to come to the right conclusion to help your operation remain compliant and functional. You want working portable toilets in the right location with hand washing stations nearby for the best results. We can walk you through our recommendations and see what you want to do then.