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portable toilets in Vallejo, CA

What To Avoid When Ordering Portable Toilets

There are lots of reasons why you might need to order portable toilets in Sonoma, CA. you might be having an outdoor wedding, running a carnival, or operating a construction site. Whatever the reasons, there are a variety of options from which to choose from standard to fully flushing options. Whatever you need, there are going to be some things you will want to avoid in order to get the best choices for your occasion. Here are a few:

Avoid Getting Too Few Portable Toilets

If you have an event of some kind that doesn’t have enough bathrooms available, that can lead to long lines and unhappy people. No one wants to spend their time in line. You will want to figure out how many portable toilets you need based on how many guests you will have and whether or not there is food and drinks available. The professionals can help you get the right amount for the event you are having.

Avoid Omitting Handwashing Stations

Fully operational, flushing portable toilets have sinks and running water included. But for standard portable toilets, you will want to have a handwashing station so guests can use those facilities after the restroom. You’ll want to make sure you have those stations and that you have enough of them.

Avoid Getting The Wrong Type Of Portable Toilet

There are lots of options and you don’t want to have the wrong kind for the event you are hosting. If you are having a wedding, for example, people will be dressed up so standard restrooms may not be the best option for that event. Instead, fully flushing options are a good idea so you can give the event the elegant feel you want.

Avoid Bad Locations

No one is going to want to use a portable toilet on a hill, or one with mud all around it. The professionals can help you choose flat grounds that are easily accessible and not easily flooded with mud. The restrooms need to be visible, easy to find, and not a pain to use.

Avoid Restrooms that are Not Family Friendly

If you are going to have families at your event, larger restroom, like handicap accessible options, might be a good idea. Make sure there are changing tables available as well as enough space for a parent to help a child within the facilities.

Vallejo Portable Toilets

When you are going to get portable toilets in Sonoma, CA for an event you are holding, the professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help you make the perfect choices for your event. We can help you avoid all of the above, and other mistakes you might make along the way. We want your guests to have the facilities they need at a price you can afford. You can stop by our grounds and take a look at various options or you can talk to us by phone and tell us about your needs. Whether you need them for a day, a week, a month or longer, we can help.

septic tank pumping in Novato, CA

Signs That Septic Tank Pumping Isn’t Enough

If you’ve owned a septic tank for long enough, you know that septic tank pumping in Novato, CA is something you have to do from time to time. The tank gets full, no matter how well you treat it, and septic tank pumping is something that goes along with having a septic system. While your septic system isn’t the most pleasant thing to think about, it’s an important part of the house. There are times when things are running slowly, and you need to pump the tank out. There are other times when the whole tank might need to be replaced. Here are some signs that tell you to replace the tank.

Sign 1: Tank Issues Continue

If you have your tank pumped out and still have problems, or there are issues that follow issues and it seems to be continuous, the tank probably needs to be replaced. The tank might be overflowing, and the contents might not be broken down inside in the right manner. It can sometimes be easier to replace the tank than to try and fix things, especially on an older tank. Consult with professionals to see what is best.

Sign 2: Puddles Of Water

When your septic system is working right, there shouldn’t be standing water in the yard. It could be sewage ad that will have a rather unpleasant scent to it. The puddles can be a health concern so you’ll want to have a professional take a look at it as soon as you can. It might mean that you need septic tank pumping, or it could be that you need the whole tank replaced in order to take care of the issue for good.

Sign 3: Back Ups And Clogs

If your pipes are draining slow, it could be because of a clog. But sometimes, those backups and clogs are signs of a larger issue. Again, it could be that your tank needs to be pumped out or, it might be that you need a new tank completely. You never want sewage to back up into your home so if you see the drains slowing down, it’s important to get things checked out.

septic tank pumping in Novato, CA

It can be hard for most homeowners to tell the difference between when you need septic tank pumping in Novato, CA and when you might need the whole tank or system replaced. If your septic system is relatively new, chances are when you see signs like those above, you need a pumping. But if the tank is old, it could need replacement. The best thing you can do is call the professionals at American Sanitation Inc whenever you see anything of concern and ask questions, have them come out and check things out, and give their professional assessment and opinion. We treat your home as our own and we only recommend to you what we would do if we were in your situation. We’re here for septic advice, pumping, replacement, and more to keep your home operating well.

septic tank pumping in Vallejo, CA

What You Need In A Septic Tank Pumping Professional

When things have gone awry with your septic system, you might need septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA, repairs, replacement, or something else. For any of those things, you need a septic tank professional to help you judge what needs to be done and then, to get the job done. Septic problems can be complicated, and the costs can raise quickly. When you have to get something done (anything, really), it’s important to have the best person on your property for the job. Here are some things you really must have in a septic tank professional.

Lots Of Experience

Since septic tanks are so complicated, it’s important for you to have someone who knows what they are doing. They should not only have the right certificated and the proper training, but they should also have years of experience under their belt, so they are able to understand your septic issues and address them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Their experience will help you understand what’s going on and it will give you peace of mind that things will work out well for your home as a whole.

Customer Service Skills

Pretty much any company you work with should have customer service skills. You want them to treat you right. They should be able to talk to you nicely, act in a friendly manner. You want to feel like you are being heard and that your concerns are being addressed. It’s important to have good customer service anywhere you go, but you really want it when you are using a company to fix something as important as your septic system. You need that function to help the home to function well.

Proper Training And Certification

This goes along with the experience part. Before technicians have experience, they need to be trained properly and get the certification you need them to have so they can do the job properly. You might feel weird about asking to see proof of their certification and/or training, but don’t. That is something they should be willing to show you whenever you want to see it to reassure you that they are the right people for the job.

septic tanks Santa in Rosa, CA

If you are looking for someone to help you with anything septic-related, like septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA, repairs, or even just advice, the professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help. We want your home to function well and for your septic system never to give you a problem. If you’re new to having a septic system, you can ask us questions about what you should or shouldn’t do to the system in order to take care of it properly. You can also get warning signs from us that you need a tank pumping and other signs to show that there are things wrong within the system. We’re here to take care of those things as soon as you notice anything going wrong within your home or yard.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Summer On The Go With Portable Toilets

Summer 2020 has been a strange one, and most big events have been cancelled and/or postponed until next year. But that just makes everyone look forward to next summer all that much more. If you have an event that has been put off for a year, there’s no reason to wait. Start looking ahead and looking forward to how much fun it will be when it comes around. Many summer events are going to need portable toilets in Novato, CA, including the following.

State, County, Local Fairs

The fair is one of those things everyone in the community looks forward to. Whether you like going for the rides, the shows, the scenery, or something else, they are a staple of the summer months. Since many of them didn’t happen this summer, it will be even better next summer with another year to plan. One of the many things you can guarantee you will see at the fairs is—portable toilets. There aren’t often many (or any) indoor locations for bathrooms and the crowds are big enough that you need more than those allow as it is. Portable toilets are going to be spread across the grounds in a plentiful manner.

Outdoor Concerts

There’s not much better than seeing your favorite group on a nice summer evening. While you may not get to this year, next year you can rock out with your friends at whatever concerts are available, whether you know the band or not! There will be plenty of grass space to stand, bring chairs and sit, or even dance. And there will also be portable toilets nearby in case you drink or eat and need them.

Sporting Events

Kids are able to play softball in many locations this year, but there aren’t as many outdoor sporting events as there could be. If you look forward to a packed schedule next summer of sports game after sports game, you will also see plenty of portable toilets lined up for those who need them.


Many weddings were postponed this summer or were held on a much smaller scale. If you get a save the date card for next summer, and you know the wedding will be outside, you can count on there quite possibly being portable toilets for the guests to utilize during the event.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

If you are arranging any of these events, portable toilets in Novato, CA may very well be necessary. While you may not be able to make them happen this summer, next summer is fair game at this point. Talk to the professionals at American Sanitation Inc and see what different types are available. There are standard portable toilets, of course, as well as fully flushing toilets that work well in upscale event locations. You can also get handicapped options and other things from which to choose. We can help you with how many you need, where to place them, and everything in between. Give us a call or stop by to see options.