portable toilets in Napa, CA

Spring And Summer Portable Toilet-Necessary Events

Outdoor events are suddenly much more fun when the spring and summer arrives, and the temperatures are pleasant and warmer all of the time. But do you know what’s not fun? Having to use the facilities without there being any around. There are plenty of ways to get portable toilets in Napa, CA and if you are organizing an outdoor event, you will want to consider doing just that. Here are a few events that might bring that necessity to light.

Baseball Tournaments

If there’s just one baseball game with kids or even adults playing for fun, it’ll probably only last an hour and that’s not that bad. But when you have a tournament running with kids all over, adults watching, and hours and hours of games stacked up, portable toilets become a necessity. If there’s a booth selling concessions, it’s even more important to have toilets set up. The players, the spectators, and umpires will all appreciate the thought.

Park Picnics

You can’t control where people decide to have picnics, but if you are in charge of a shelter in a park and you know people will rent it out, it’s necessary to have a portable toilet somewhat close by. They will be bringing food and drinks, possibly celebration a reunion, anniversary, or birthday, and they would have to leave the park if the need arose too suddenly. The shelter will get more rentals and more use with a portable toilet accessible.

Outdoor Weddings

Couples don’t want to think about portable toilets when they are planning their beautiful wedding, but if the wedding is taking place outside and there aren’t any bathrooms nearby, guests could get desperate in a hurry. It’s the logical thing to do. However, there are portable toilets that flush and have an elegant appeal so there’s no worry about them fitting into a more upscale, fancy event.

Art Festivals

It’s fun to learn about local artisans and see crafts that are handmade and festivals like these, among many others, often pop up in the spring and summer. However, some of the artists might sell baked goods and there are often vendors on hand. Plus, the artists themselves are there all day, showing off their work. There simply has to be access to portable toilets for the good of the vendors and the guests that stop by.

When you are thinking about events outside, portable toilets Napa, CA might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But as you plan further details, you know that basic human need is something you can’t avoid. Contact American Sanitation Inc. for a variety of portable toilet options. We can help with placement, style, and any other details that need to be addressed. Give us a call at (707) 554-8258 with your questions and we’ll go from there. You can also stop by 1729 Action Avenue, Napa, CA 94559 to see the different styles we offer that might be right for the event you are planning for the spring or summer.