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portable toilets in Novato, CA

Tips For Renting Porta Potties

There might come a time when you run across an event where you need to rent portable toilets in Novato, CA. There are many such events that can occur in a number of locations. If you are having an outdoor wedding, for example, and there aren’t any bathrooms nearby, it can be a good option. If you are having an outdoor concert, craft fair, or something else where there will be guests milling around for a long period of time, portable toilets are a good idea to investigate. Here are some tips for the rental process.

Look Through The Options

Once you know you need portable toilets, you will want to think about what type you want. There are actually a lot more options than you might know about. You can get what you think of as standard portable toilets and that might work fine for your event, but there are also fully flushing options that come with a sink and running water. That’s a nice choice for a classy event, like a wedding. There are also larger options for handicapped individuals or even for families that might have a mom or dad trying to help a young child. More space is always nice in those cases. Think about your needs and what the options are, and you can line them up together.

Book Early Enough

You are going to want to book the portable toilets you need early enough so you can get what you need without question. Don’t call the portable toilet company the day before the event and expect to be able to get anything and everything you need right away. Book in advance so you have your choice of options and can set up the delivery date with ease.

Get Plenty Of Toilets

You may need to work with the professionals on how many toilets you need. It depends on how many guests you expect, how long the event is, the location, and many other things. You should get more than you think and it’s always better to have too many than to experience long lines at the few you have. It will make anyone attending your event much happier.

Choose Good Locations

You have to put the portable toilets in good locations, and you might not really know what that looks like. The professionals can help you with that. They will want to see the layout of the event and then, when they see the grounds, they can help you choose flat, dry locations in good places to put the portable toilets for everyone’s convenience.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Get Pro Advice

When you are trying to rent portable toilets in Novato, CA, you admittedly might not know that much about the process and that’s okay. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help you with the process from start to finish. Tell us about your event, your budget, and every other detail you have in mind, and we can help you get the right portable toilets lined up for your purposes.

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Portable Toilet Uses Galore

It’s not very often that you sit around and think about portable toilets in Petaluma, CA. In fact, you probably don’t think about them at all unless you need to use one or rent one for an occasion. But, at that time, you might wonder just how many uses there are for such products. There are actually quite a few! Here’s a short list.


IF you have ever renovated part of a home, you know what a pain it can be to have that part of the house out of order. The kitchen is bad enough, but the bathroom can also be a struggle. Even if you have another bathroom, having everyone in the house share just one bathroom can be a real pain. Some people have portable toilets delivered and placed outside their home so they have extra facilities for when they need it. This can also work well for businesses that might be renovating or building a bathroom to meet needs. There are a variety of bathroom options, even in the portable realm, and most people can find something suitable.


Those who have outdoor weddings or receptions in locations that don’t have access to restrooms might have to think about portable toilets as well. There are fully flushing versions that are suitable for elegant events and you can also get handicap versions that give you more space to move around in large dresses and possibly helping kids.

Outdoor Concerts

Outdoor concerts can be a real blast, until someone in the group has to go to the bathroom. Then, the search is on. But there are often portable options around the outskirts of the concert area and that can really help everyone get through the event without missing any music. You can still hear what’s going on while you take care of things.


County and state fairs are a family affair, but when you have kids along or, even as an adult, when you eat and drink the fair food, you are going to need facilities before you head home. There are generally plentiful portable toilet options throughout the fairgrounds.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

Construction Sites

There are regulations about construction sites that require a certain number of portable toilets per people working. How would you like to go to work on an 8 hour a day job only to find there were no restrooms? You’d have to leave the site every time you needed one and that’s not productive. These sites will always have one or more portable restrooms for workers.

There are tons of other occasions in which portable toilets in Petaluma, CA will come in handy and may even be required. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc can help you figure out your needs if you have something come up. Whether you are planning an event or planning a renovation, portable toilets can be a big part of helping everything to come off well. Give us a call and tell us about your plans and we’ll help match you to the right unit.

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Portable Toilets For Remodeling Purposes

If you own a home or business that is going to be remodeling one or more bathrooms, it’s possible you’ll need to figure out a plan of action to get you through that process. One possibility is to get portable toilets in Sonoma, CA placed nearby, right outside the home or business, for use during the renovation. Here are some things to consider.

Fully Flushing Versions

If you own a restaurant, you want your customers to be able to have a nice experience all the way around. You know the remodeled bathroom is going to give them the luxury they deserve, but in the meantime, you might feel like you are limping through. Portable toilets have fully flushing versions that feel just like real bathrooms. They might be a good fit for your situation because not only do they look and feel like a real bathroom, but they have operating sinks for hand washing as well. That’s a good thing for both customers and staff.

Larger Options

When you renovate the bathroom in your home, it’s a stress on the whole family. If you have another bathroom, that can help, but sometimes, there’s more than one person in need at a time. Small portable bathrooms might be hard because you could have young kids that need help with things in there. You could get a larger portable toilet option, like a handicap stall, just to give you more room to maneuver. It might even be a space that people change in or get ready in as well.

Cleaning Plans

The portable toilet rental companies aren’t going to dump the toilet on your property and then leave it there until you are through with it. They are going to have a maintenance plan that comes along with the toilet. You don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen if it gets too full or whether or not it will smell and drive family or customers away. The portable toilet company can clean it out as often as you would like. Think about how many people might use it and how long you might need it and you can figure out how often you want maintenance on the unit.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

It can be a real pain to renovate a bathroom, but at the same time, you stand to benefit in a huge way once the process is complete. Your home could be worth more and your business could make customers more comfortable. While you are undergoing the renovation process, if you find yourself in need of portable toilets in Sonoma, CA to help you through, the professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to go over the options with you. We can provide you with a list of different portable toilets and we can even show them to you if you want to meet in person. You can decide what meets your needs and then, we can help you figure out a good location and maintenance schedule for the unit. Give us a call to get started.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

Portable Toilet Placement Ideals

When you decide that you are having an outdoor event, you might already know that you are going to need portable toilets in Petaluma, CA. But how many will you need? And where should you place them? You might have some ideas in mind, but it’s best to work with professionals who truly know what they are doing in that area. Here are some ideals to work out with them.

Ensure The Company Listens To Your Needs

No one wants to work with a company that is just going to go on and on about what they feel is best without listening to the client needs. You will want to hire a portable toilet company that is going to hear you out. They should listen to your budget parameters, your goals for the event, the type of clientele you will be serving, and other such details. They need to know those things so they can make recommendations to you.

In Return, Listen To Their Instructions

Once you have relayed the information the portable toilet professionals needs to know, it’s their turn to give you instructions and these are things you are going to need to know as well. They know what they are doing by way of placement and they will likely have options for you to look over and decide upon. Listen to why they feel each placement is the best for your venue and how they will get things into that place as well.

Ask Questions About Placement Ideas

If you have any questions about how portable toilets are placed or why the professional is recommending certain areas for that placement, it’s always a good idea to ask. The more you understand, the more satisfied you will be with the end result once they portable toilets are there and in place for your guests.

Look For Flat, Dry Locations

As a general rule of thumb, you will want to look for flat locations that are nice and dry. There shouldn’t be a lot of tilt to any portable toilet and you want the area around it to be as clean as possible, which means no mud, even if it rains. You can scout out those locations and offer suggestions to the experts when they arrive, but still listen to their ideas to get the right places for each toilet you have on site.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

When you are ready to rent portable toilets in Petaluma, CA for an event of any kind, the professionals at American Sanitation Inc can help you figure out how many you need based on how many people you expect and whether or not there will be food and drinks served. We can also come to your location and take a look and offer ideas and suggestions as to where you might want to place the toilets when they arrive. We have a good eye for good placement and we will want to work with your ideals as well as the safety and requirements we have for the portable toilet locations.

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Businesses That Often Need Portable Toilet Rentals

There are many days, weeks, months, or even years, in certain businesses where no one in the company has any need to think about portable toilets in Novato, CA. But there are also businesses that need those rentals on a regular basis. If you work for a company that has that need, it’s smart of you to keep up with the industry standards so you know what’s available for your own clients. Here are a few companies that often need portable toilets. If you work for one, learn more about them to be prepared.

Equipment/Party Rentals

If your company rents out party equipment, it’s only a matter of time before you run into an outdoor venue with no bathrooms. You will then need to have a bead on portable toilets, where they should be placed, how many are needed, what style is best, pricing, and so on. It’s wise to be prepared so you can take care of every client need upfront.

Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are versatile individuals that work with a wide variety of personalities and styles in brides and grooms. They often arrange outdoor weddings and sometimes, that means portable toilets are a necessity. It’s important for them to have a read on fully flushing toilets and perhaps handicap options that can help the affair remain classy while all needs are being met.

Construction Companies

There are rules about what needs to be accessible to people on the job and toilets are one of those necessities. Construction companies have to provide portable toilets to their workers when there are no other options available to them. The number of toilets depends on the number of workers and how long their shifts are. But construction companies, though they generally stick to the standard portable toilet options, are going to need a good relationship with a rental company.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Park Venues

There are often concerts, carnivals, and other such things in local parks and the people who arrange those events are going to want to know the ins and outs of portable toilet rental. It’s important to understand they layout of the park, where placement works best, and what types of rentals are available so it can be offered to people who come to the park to book the venue for a variety of things.

It’s not everyday that you have to think about portable toilets in Novato, CA if you work in a business that has running water and regular bathrooms. But there are some companies that don’t have that luxury and instead, need to know how to rent portable toilets regularly. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help those businesses get what they need for their events, their clients, and their frequent use of portable toilet rentals. Give us a call and tell us about your needs for each instance and we will outfit you with the perfect options at the right price. We can also talk about placement and maintenance for the duration.

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Uses For Handicap Portable Toilets

There are lots of different portable toilets in Sonoma, CA. If you’ve only ever seen the standard ones, you may have a certain image in your mind when you think about portable toilets. But there are lots of different options and they all have their uses. Let’s look at handicapped portable toilets and talk about the different uses that you might have for them in certain events and for certain situations. Here are just some of the uses you might have for these portable toilet options.

Disabled Individuals

The biggest use for handicap portable toilets, of course, is for disabled individuals. If you are going to have an event that has anyone in a wheelchair, anyone who has trouble getting around, or other such individuals, you are going to want to have handicap portable toilets available. You might get some standard and some handicap toilets, but it’s good to consider those who might attend and need extra space. These toilets not only have larger space inside, but they also have a zero entry so wheelchairs can roll in or so people can step in without stepping over a lip and tripping.

Families Who Need Space

If you have an event that has a lot of families there, the handicap portable toilets can be very helpful. Young children often need help and the larger amount of space can give the moms or dads what they need to get in and help. It’s nice for a mom to be able to pull a stroller in, possibly with another younger child, and still be able to help another. It can be next to impossible to help a child in a standard sized portable toilet.

Weddings/Big Dresses

If you were to have an outdoor wedding, you don’t want people in fancy clothing not having enough room. You might consider some fully flushing options with running water, sinks, and everything else included. But having big dresses or fancy tuxes in smaller bathrooms might also be a challenge. Having a handicap option can be nice for events when you know more space for necessities is necessary.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

There are lots of other options you should consider when you need portable toilets in Sonoma, CA, but there are lots of reasons you might want handicap options at your event. The professionals can help you to figure out what you need and how you can place the portable toilets for optimal use for everyone attending. At American Sanitation Inc, we want you to get everything you need. You want to be able to meet guests’ needs, first and foremost, but also to customize what you choose for the event you are holding. Give us a call and we can talk about some of the options. You can also come by and see the choices in person so you can choose accordingly. Tell us more about your event and we can give you even better recommendations as to what would work best for your needs. We’re here to cover the angles.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Having An On-Site Consultation With Portable Toilet Professionals

When you are in need of portable toilets in Novato, CA for an event you are going to have, you can arrange to rent the toilets at the rental location, over the phone, through the internet, or in many other ways. But it’s also wise to have an on-site consultation with the professionals so you can hammer out all of the details. Here are some of the things that can happen as part of that meeting.

Tour The Event Location

It’s nice to take the professionals to the location of the event so they can see what you have to work with and give you advice as to how you want to proceed with the portable toilets. They can see how things are laid out and help you with everything from there. Seeing it in person is easier for them to give advice than you are describing it to them.

Figure Out Portable Toilet Placement

When the professionals are with you on-site, they can help you to figure out where you will want to put the portable toilets you rent. They will want to see land that is flat and dry to make it good for the portable toilets to be located safely and securely. They can help you scout out places that are good for portable toilets, but also might be good locations for your event as a whole.

Talk About Numbers

You will want professional advice as to how many portable toilets you are going to want for the amount of people you will have at the event. You will think about how many people will attend, for how long, and whether or not you will be serving food and drinks. The professionals can help you crunch those numbers and figure out how many toilets are recommended.

Get Price Quotes

It’s a good idea to know how much you are going to have to spend on the rentals and the professionals can give you quotes on those prices when they are on-site with you. They can show you options for different toilets and show you the prices for each so you can decide upon what works best for your event and your budget.

Figure In Toilet Servicing

If you are going to have the toilets on-site for a long time, you might want to have them serviced. Or, if the event is heavily attended, it might be a good idea to have service on the toilets as the event goes on. Talk to the professionals about the service options and how often they should be done.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Ask Other Questions

If you have any other questions, it’s nice to ask the professionals when you have them on hand. You can also call them later, but it’s nice to know that when you have questions, they are there to answer them.

If you need portable toilets in Novato, CA for an event, contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc for advice and we can meet you on-site to talk further.

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Portable Toilets Per Person—How Many Do You Need?

If you need to rent some portable toilets in Petaluma, CA, and you’ve never had to place such an order before, you probably have a lot of questions about the process. One of the most common questions is how many portable toilets do I need? You might have a guess as to how many people will be at your event, the venue size, whether or not you’ll have food and drinks, and other such things. It’s wise to consult with the professionals and see just how many portable toilets you should get to meet the need.

The general rule is that you need to have at least one portable restroom available for every 50 people at the event. You can always have more, but that’s the bare minimum. The larger the number goes, the more restrooms you will need. If you are running a construction site, each toilet can accommodate 10 workers if they are working full time shifts. They should also be cleaned out weekly.

There are also lots of other special events like weddings, concerts, park festivals, and so on. Keep in mind that each portable toilet can usually be used about 150 times before it needs to have a thorough cleaning out session. How often will they be used and how many will you have? That’s something to really think about.

You also want to keep the different portable toilet options in mind. If there are going to even possibly be guests with any special needs, you want to have handicap toilets available. These portable toilets offer more space, so they also make nice restrooms for family use if a parent has to help a child.

When thinking about the rental situation, ask yourself these questions to get started down the right path:

  • How many people will attend?
  • Do any guests have special needs for accommodations?
  • How long will the event be?
  • Will there be food and beverages?

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

If you are going to have food and drinks, the usage of the portable toilets could increase as much as 40%. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different portable toilet options for different types of events. What you think of as a portable toilet is just a standard issue toilet. But there are also handicap options, which are much larger and offer a zero-entry level. And there are fully flushing toilets with running water and sinks for events like weddings where you want a better look and feel to everything, even the portable toilets.

When you start to plan out your needs, contact the professionals about the portable toilets in Petaluma, CA and they can help you figure out how many you need, how often they should be cleaned, and even where exactly they should be placed. Call American Sanitation Inc or stop by our facilities to see the toilet options you can consider. We want your event to go well and we can help you meet these basic needs of your guests.

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Reasons To Rent Portable Toilets For Guests

Living in this area of the country means you get to enjoy nice weather all year long. But it also means that you often have family and friends from other parts of the country who love to visit you. Sure, they want to see you, but they also want to enjoy the weather and sites that you get to have at your leisure all year long. There are reasons you might want to rent some portable toilets in Sonoma, CA when you are going to have guests in your home. Here are a few to consider:

You Only Have One Bathroom/Don’t Have Enough Bathrooms

If you only have one bathroom, or you have two, but you are having a lot of guests, there simply might not be enough time in the day or bathrooms to go around. You don’t want your guests to waste half the day waiting for the bathroom so they can get ready and you don’t want people to be uncomfortable. Having a portable toilet placed just outside the house can allow your guests the essentials when they need it the most—not waiting needed.

You Don’t Want To Overwhelm The Septic System

As someone who lives with a septic system, you know how much you usually use your water, and how to space things out throughout the day. When you have guests come to your house, there’s no way around it—you’re going to use more water. To avoid at least some of that use to give your septic system a break, you could get a portable toilet so guests can use that, and you can save the system from getting overwhelmed.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

You Need Water For Other Things

If your guests are coming for several weeks, but bringing only a carry-on bag, they are going to need to do laundry. With guests around, there’s always the need for the dishwasher and there will be a variety of other water uses as well. If you and your guests all use the portable bathroom instead of the regular toilets, you can save water for other things. You will be able to run the dishwasher and washing machine without worrying about the septic tank as much.

Keep in mind that there are lots of different portable toilets in Sonoma, CA on the market today, some of which feel like real bathrooms. You can get a fully flushing model, complete with running water and a sink included. That’s a nice way to make guests feel at home, even if they have to take a few steps out of the house to use the bathroom. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to show you the options and get the details on what it’s like in your house when guests arrive. We can help you figure out what you might want to do in order to ensure that everyone enjoys their stay—and your septic system and bathroom situation are all in good working order, too.

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Portable Toilet Rental Costs

When you are working on a certain event, a construction site, or something else that requires you to rent portable toilets in Novato, CA, you will want to know what the costs are going to be so you can plan it into your budget for the occasion. There are actually many different things that factor into how much the portable toilet rentals will be. Here are a few things that you will have to consider.

The Type Of Portable Toilet

One of the things you will have to think about and choose is the type of portable toilet you are getting. IF you want a standard toilet, that is going to cost less than a full flushing toilet or a handicap toilet, which has more room. The types vary in cost and you will want to choose what meets your needs and what will also meet your budgets and functions.

The Number Of Toilets

Of course, the more toilets you get, the more it’s going to cost. Though there are price breaks for the more toilets you rent, the cost is still going to be higher when you get more toilets. Even though the cost will be higher, it’s still best to get more toilets for a larger area or for a larger group of people because they will be needed. You want to meet needs and not be stingy if more are necessary.

The Length Of The Rental

If you rent a portable toilet for one day, it’s going to cost less than renting it long term. You will want to think about how long you need the rental and what the best circumstances are for that time period. Construction sites need rentals long term, for example, as people are coming and going from that site for a long time. A one day event will only need the portable toilet for that one day.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

The Need For Services

If you are having a lot of guests at your event, or the portable toilets will be on-site for a while, then you might need services for the toilets from the professional company. That will make the whole rental process cost more as well. Depending on how many trips they need to make and how often, the costs can rise. You want to ensure that the toilets are serviced at regular intervals so they can still meet needs.

Renting portable toilets in Novato, CA can be a great option for a great many occasions. You want to ensure that you are able to get what you need at a price you can afford, which means talking with the professionals at American Sanitation Inc about both. Let us know what needs you have and we will be able to advise you as to what type of portable toilet is best, how many you need, what type of servicing you need, and even where you should place them. We want you to have just what you need at a price you can afford and we will help with the details.