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Managing Portable Toilets In Inclement Weather

The winter months can bring a lot of things to this area of the country. You know the temperatures are going to be cooler and there could be rain, icy conditions, or even snow. If you have portable toilets in Petaluma, CA on your property for events or for your business, you need to know how to manage and care for them so you can make the most of them for any customers or guests you have in the area. Here are some things to consider.

The Toilet Location

The location of your portable toilets in the summer months might be different than a good location during the winter. You need to have the toilets on a hard surface so they aren’t going to shift or sink in the rain. That might mean placing plywood under them so the surface is protected. You also want to make sure they are out of the wind, which might mean placing them by a wall so they have a windbreak. You don’t want them to blow over in a storm, for example.

You may also want to consider having the toilets placed somewhere that is sheltered, like under an overhang or somewhere else with a roof that goes over the top of it. That can help you to avoid exposure to the elements as much as possible.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Portable toilets might take a beating if there’s a lot of mud and dirt being tracked through them. They can also get slippery in the wet weather. Consider drainage mats outside them to allow rain to drain through, but mud to stay at bay. You might even place some mats inside the toilets to prevent slippery conditions. You can rinse these mats regularly to ensure mud doesn’t pack up and cake on.

It’s always good to have a set schedule for the maintenance and cleaning of your portable toilets, but it might need to be more frequent than it was before. You want the facilities to be nice for everyone who needs them and wiping things down during damp weather can help you to do just that.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

You may also want to increase the pumping schedule from the professionals. If there is concern that things will freeze, emptying the toilets more often can help. You don’t want dangerous bacterial growth when things thaw out in the spring.

There are other tips you might want to consider when you have portable toilets in Petaluma, CA on site over the winter months. Weather is going to come and go and if your portable toilets are there to stay, caring for them is important. You will want to do different things in the summer than you would in the winter. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc can offer you tips and advice for any season of the year. Give us a call and we can help you get the portable toilets you need along with the maintenance those units have to have for the duration of their placement with you.

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Having A Wedding Outside—Complete With Portable Toilets

While you might have cancelled your wedding several times already, enough is enough and it’s time for you to move forward with the rest of your life. While many things are open again today, despite the pandemic that is moving around the country, you might still have friends and relatives who are leery of gathering with others in a large group. One way around that obstacle is to have your wedding outside. You will need portable toilets in Sonoma, CA, but there are nice options to consider.


Fully Flushing Toilets

You want everyone who attends your wedding to have a nice time and even if you are going with more casual attire, you want people to feel as if they are at a classy affair. Having portable toilets that feel like real bathrooms can help everyone to remember the type of event they are attending. These toilets feel like real bathrooms in that they completely flush, and they include hand washing stations. Anyone using the facilities can wash their hands inside right after. People can also slip in to do a quick hand wash if they shook a lot of hands at the service or for any other reason.


Hand Sanitizer

This is the era of major hand sanitizer use and you will want to have bottles at your event, even if it is outside. You can have a station inside any portable toilet you have available, but you might also want some outside and in other locations. Your guests will appreciate being able to clean their hands so they feel comfortable wiping their tears during the most touching parts of the service.


Larger Toilet Stations

While you might wonder how you would ever fit into a regular portable toilet in a dress that you would wear to a wedding, you don’t have to worry about those things when you have a larger portable toilet on hand. There are luxury options and even handicap accessible options that give you more space. This is good not only for the person in the larger dress, but also for the mother or father with the child that needs extra help. You want to think of your comfort as well as what your guests need for the event.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Having an outdoor wedding right now might be the only way you feel safe going forward with your nuptials. And if you are having something outside with no convenient buildings around, you will have to have portable toilets in Sonoma, CA. Contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc with your questions about the process. We can tell you about rental, the prices, as well as the different types of portable toilets that you might consider for the event. We want everything to go well for you, but we also want your guests to have their needs met at the level at which you want to serve them. Let’s work together to make your wedding everything you want it to be.

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Portable Toilet Rental After COVID

While the COVID pandemic is still raging around the country, some of the events have gone back to normal, at least a new sense of normal. People feel more comfortable in outdoor settings, making outside events more popular than ever. Everyone wants to get out of the house and be active again and that means there’s a high need for portable toilets in Novato, CA to serve those attending these events. Here are some things you need to know about portable toilet rental in the midst of the pandemic and germ awareness.


Hand Washing Stations Are At The Height Of Importance

If you get portable toilets that are more on the standard side, you will want to ensure that you have hand washing stations, and enough of them. Provide several hand washing stations for each portable toilet area. You will also want to make sure they are always stocked with soap and dry, disposable hand towels. In addition to hand washing after using the toilets, there may be others at the event that will want to wash their hands throughout the event. You may even want to get a few extra stations to place near food outlets so people can wash their hands before eating and after handling money.


Anti-Bacterial Is Comforting

Even if the hand washing stations are busy, you will want to ensure that each portable toilet has a fully stocked anti-bacterial dispenser. They can at least disinfect their hands that way after using the facilities. And, again, there might be other times when people just want a quick squirt to make them feel better about being out in public around other people.


Cleanliness Is Paramount To Success

No one really ever wants to use a dirty portable toilet, but people got by on those kinds of things in the past. Today, however, clean facilities are even more important than ever before. Everyone wants to feel safe when they use the facilities and that means the restrooms have to be serviced and cleaned regularly. When you get the rental set up, you can make sure the professionals are going to service the toilets regularly, but you might also want to have event staff checking in on the toilets, wiping things down, adding toilet paper and soap, and making sure things are as clean as possible.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Consider Fully Flushing Toilets

Portable toilets have a certain stigma to them and while these facilities today are very nice, you might want to consider getting fully flushing versions because they feel much more like a regular bathroom. People can wash their hands right there in the bathroom and even flush the toilet so there is no waste sitting below them. That can make people feel more confident about the event as a whole.


If you are getting an outdoor event organized, portable toilets in Sonoma, CA might be necessary and the professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help you figure out what you need to meet needs and keep people safe.

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Portable Toilet Placement—The Best Practices

Once you have portable toilets in Petaluma, CA rented for your event, the last essential piece of the puzzle is where the portable toilets are going to be placed. No guest wants to walk across the mud to get to a portable toilet. The professionals want to avoid situations where their trucks might get stuck as well. The experts and the clients need to get on the same page and balance everything out in order to get the best possible outcome. Here are some points to lay out.

Give Ideas

As the person who is hosting the event, you might have ideas as to where the portable toilets should be located. You know how the grounds are going to be laid out and you don’t want the toilets next to the food booth and outdoor grill, for example. While you might have some thoughts, and it’s wise to let them be known, you will want to listen to the advice that comes as well.

Listen To Pro Advice

The professionals have placed portable toilets tons of times and they know a good location when they see it. They are looking for certain things when they survey the grounds where you are going to hold this event. They want something level and dry, if at all possible. If they tell you that the location you chose is not going to work, listen to their reasoning and try to see their side of things. They are trying to work with your best interest at heart.

Ask Questions

When you are working with the professionals and they have a different idea of where the portable toilets should be placed than you do, ask them questions about why they think that. They can give you a list of reasons that might just make sense to you and you might find that you agree with them.

Consider Accessibility

Both sides of this scenario should think about the accessibility of the portable toilets. They need to be placed in an area in which they can be reached by guests, but also somewhere so they can be serviced. If the experts can’t get their trucks in to service the toilets, that can be a problem. But you want the location to be good for guests as well.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

Consider Against Other Structures

While portable toilets on level, dry ground, can be placed in many locations, it’s often a benefit to place them against a building or sturdy wall in order to secure and line up several units in a safe manner. They are protected from the wind, but they also have added privacy to them.

It’s best to get everything you need in your portable toilets in Petaluma, CA directly from the professionals. You can visit American Sanitation Inc and see the options we have for your needs and we can also visit your location and give you advice on placement of those portable toilets. We want you to have the best and we’ll help you to get it.

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Handicap-Accessible Portable Toilet Regulations

If you are trying to have an event and you want the regulations to be spot on, even when it comes to portable toilets in Sonoma, CA, then you ought to know a lot of things about those regulations. You are going to want to figure out how to use the right rentals so you can get what you need from the rental process. While there are handicap-accessible regulations there are also ADA regulations. Both of those need to be followed to get things right. Here are some details to understand.

Handicap Portable Restrooms

For handicap accessibility, portable restroom doors have to be wider than the doors on a standard unit. Wheelchairs need to be able to go in and out of the restroom without getting hammed in the door. There also needs to be a ramped entrance into the portable toilet or, the entrance has to be zero entry so wheelchairs can easily come and go. And, there needs to be extra space inside the portable restroom so a wheelchair can turn around. Once you have those points in mind, you need to look into the ADA regulations.

ADA Regulations For Portable Toilets

In 1990, the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act, outlines some regulations on a variety of things, including portable restrooms. In order to comply with this act, there are several things to keep in mind. There has to be at least 1 handicap-accessible portable toilet for every 20 toilets on site. And there should be one within every cluster of toilets available. The doors on the toilets should be hinged or magnetic, which makes them easier to open and close. The unit should be reinforced in its construction and there need to be grab bars inside that are also reinforced. These toilets should have placards on the outside that let guests know they are ADA-compliant and the placards should also have braille on them. The interior needs to allow enough space for a complete 360-degree turn as well.

While both handicap and ADA portable toilets are larger in size, and cost more to rent, they are important to the success of any event. These regulations are sometimes required to be upheld while in certain locations, they are not. It’s always best to comply if you aren’t sure. Otherwise, check with your local state and city regulations and see what you need to have in line.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Knowledge is key when you are renting portable toilets in Sonoma, CA and the professionals at American Sanitation Inc have plenty of knowledge to go around. You can contact us when you are trying to organize an event and we will help you understand how many standard portable toilets you need in addition to how many ADA or handicap-accessible options you should have. We want your event to go off without a hitch and that means having the portable toilets your event requires in good locations, the right numbers, and the right style. We will also go over maintenance items and other needs with you.

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Outdoor Events This Fall

Events in general have taken a nosedive over the past year and a half, but things are on the rise once again as people are getting vaccinated and are feeling more comfortable being around others. Outdoor events generally call for portable toilets in Petaluma, CA and if you are organizing something this fall, it’s important to consider the options where portable toilets are concerned.

Outdoor Events Are Safer

If you have to choose between indoor or outdoor events right now, outdoor events are safer. People are more likely to attend something outside in the fresh air where they can space themselves away from others than they are to attend something inside that might lead to complications later. You can more safely plan an outdoor event and expect it to happen, even as things change in the virus world. Being outside is just a safer place to be right now.

Masking Is Spotty

Masks come and go and there are some areas of the country that require them while others just recommend them. It’s even optional in some places. Since masking is spotty at the moment, having an event outside can help you in many ways. First of all, many people may feel comfortable and won’t feel the need to wear a mask at all since they are out in the fresh air. And, since masking is something that can be hot, fall is a good time of year for an event if masks are something people want to wear since it won’t be as hot.

Portable Toilets Will Be Needed

Having portable toilets for an outdoor event is always going to be a good idea and there are a lot of options for the toilets. You can get standard portable toilets with hand washing stations, but there are also luxury options that have full running water, sinks, and the works. These options feel like real bathrooms and can make people feel welcomed and safe in the outdoor environment.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

Clean Hands Are Always Important

Clean hands have always been important around portable toilets and bathrooms in general, but the need to thoroughly wash hands is even greater right now. Whatever portable toilet options are present, it’s a good idea to have hand washing stations, hand sanitizer, and other things to ensure that everyone around the event has the ability to clean their hands whenever they feel the need.

There are lots of things to think about no matter what type of event you are trying to have. When the event is outside and there aren’t facilities nearby, portable toilets in Petaluma, CA are something you are going to need to look into. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to go over the options with you and even get into details as to how things are serviced and cleaned for your safety and for the safety of your guests. Whatever questions you have, we are here to answer them and it’s important that you get the information you need before you make any decisions for your event.

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Portable Toilets Can Bring Beauty

Have you ever thought of portable toilets in Novato, CA as something beautiful? Probably not, but if you have a classy even that is going to happen outside, it’s important to have portable options available for people’s needs. You don’t want to have the portable toilets that you think of when ‘portable toilets’ come to mind, but there are options that can suit your event and bring beauty to the day in a whole new way. Here are some of the things you can get from luxury portable toilets.

Climate Control

There’s nothing worse than having to use a portable toilet on a hot day when you’re already feeling sticky. The interior can be hot, smelly, and too much to handle. With luxury options, you can get a portable toilet that actually has climate control. It’s a relief from the heat to go inside that portable toilet unit to use the facilities. Climate control can really help the facilities feel much more like a regular bathroom and even something you appreciate and enjoy after being outside.

Running Water

Part of the issue people have with portable toilets is that there isn’t running water. The toilet can’t be flushed and while there are often hand sanitizing stations, there’s no way to cleanse and wash your hands completely. With luxury portable toilets, you have full running water facilities. There’s a tank on the toilet so you are able to flush, just like you would a regular bathroom. You can also wash your hands in a sink with full running water. Having a bathroom with a toilet that flushes and a sink that has running water can make it feel like a bathroom you would use anywhere else.

High-End Touches

Many of these luxury toilets are going to have high-end touches that make them look and feel nice. They might have vanities with wood, décor that feels elegant, and other such things. You can relax and feel like the option fits the event you are having and the guests’ expectations as well as their needs.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Large Mirrors

There aren’t usually mirrors in portable toilets at all, but these luxury options feel like real bathrooms, which means they often have large mirrors. It’s nice to have that for an elegant event so you can check your appearance, comb your hair, and make sure you don’t have anything in your teeth.

When you are looking into options for a classy event you are going to have outside, there are luxury portable toilets in Novato, CA that can suit your needs in every way. You don’t have to worry about them standing out as something guests don’t appreciate. In fact, with climate control, running water, large mirrors, and high-end touches, it can be something the guests actually enjoy about the event. If you want to look into the options, the professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help. You can check all of the inventory and see what would work best for your event and the guests you will have.

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How Portable Toilet Cleaning Works

If you have to rent portable toilets in Sonoma, CA for an event and they are going to be on-site for quite a few days, you might wonder how they are going to be cleaned out. The professional companies can help you to set up a service plan so they portable toilets stay in good operating condition for the length of their stay. Depending on how long they will be there and how heavy their use will be, you will want to have them cleaned out and serviced during their stay. But how does that work? Here are some of the details.

Pumping Out The Tank

One of the first things the technicians will do when they arrive to service the portable toilets is pump out the tanks. They need to remove the waste, water, and other items from the tank to make room for more use. Taking away that waste is a huge part of the servicing process.

Filling Up The Water

The portable toilets don’t remain completely empty, even if they are newly services. The technicians will fill the tank back up with a small amount of water that can help to catch waste and dampen any odors.

Chemicals For Odor And Bacteria

They will also add certain chemicals to the mix so it can take away odors and kill of bacteria that might have grown in the tank during the days of use. That’s an important part of making the portable toilet a pleasant experience for anyone who must use it in the upcoming days of your event.

Scrubbing With Cleaning Solutions

Once the tank is taken care of, the technicians will scrub the interior and exterior of the portable toilet unit to cleanse it and make it look and smell nice. The cleaning solutions take care of bacteria and make it a clean place for your guests to use the next time it is needed.

Re-Stocking Items

Before they complete the process, the technicians will also re-stock everything within the toilet. They will make sure the toilet paper roll is fresh and that there are extras. If there’s a hand sanitizer inside or outside of the portable toilet, they will fill it up. Some portable toilets are fully flushing and have sinks and running water. If that’s the case, they will fill the soap there. Otherwise, there might be a hand washing station outside that came with the unit. They will clean and sanitize that as well as fill paper towels and hand soap there as well.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Once the technicians leave after servicing the portable toilets in Sonoma, CA, the units should be in good operating order once again, as if they just arrived for the very first time. You will want to talk to the professionals at American Sanitation Inc about how long your event in and how heavy you expect use of the rented toilets to be. That can help you set up a good length of time between servicing so everyone can get what they need from the rental.

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Tips For Renting Porta Potties

There might come a time when you run across an event where you need to rent portable toilets in Novato, CA. There are many such events that can occur in a number of locations. If you are having an outdoor wedding, for example, and there aren’t any bathrooms nearby, it can be a good option. If you are having an outdoor concert, craft fair, or something else where there will be guests milling around for a long period of time, portable toilets are a good idea to investigate. Here are some tips for the rental process.

Look Through The Options

Once you know you need portable toilets, you will want to think about what type you want. There are actually a lot more options than you might know about. You can get what you think of as standard portable toilets and that might work fine for your event, but there are also fully flushing options that come with a sink and running water. That’s a nice choice for a classy event, like a wedding. There are also larger options for handicapped individuals or even for families that might have a mom or dad trying to help a young child. More space is always nice in those cases. Think about your needs and what the options are, and you can line them up together.

Book Early Enough

You are going to want to book the portable toilets you need early enough so you can get what you need without question. Don’t call the portable toilet company the day before the event and expect to be able to get anything and everything you need right away. Book in advance so you have your choice of options and can set up the delivery date with ease.

Get Plenty Of Toilets

You may need to work with the professionals on how many toilets you need. It depends on how many guests you expect, how long the event is, the location, and many other things. You should get more than you think and it’s always better to have too many than to experience long lines at the few you have. It will make anyone attending your event much happier.

Choose Good Locations

You have to put the portable toilets in good locations, and you might not really know what that looks like. The professionals can help you with that. They will want to see the layout of the event and then, when they see the grounds, they can help you choose flat, dry locations in good places to put the portable toilets for everyone’s convenience.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Get Pro Advice

When you are trying to rent portable toilets in Novato, CA, you admittedly might not know that much about the process and that’s okay. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help you with the process from start to finish. Tell us about your event, your budget, and every other detail you have in mind, and we can help you get the right portable toilets lined up for your purposes.

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Portable Toilet Uses Galore

It’s not very often that you sit around and think about portable toilets in Petaluma, CA. In fact, you probably don’t think about them at all unless you need to use one or rent one for an occasion. But, at that time, you might wonder just how many uses there are for such products. There are actually quite a few! Here’s a short list.


IF you have ever renovated part of a home, you know what a pain it can be to have that part of the house out of order. The kitchen is bad enough, but the bathroom can also be a struggle. Even if you have another bathroom, having everyone in the house share just one bathroom can be a real pain. Some people have portable toilets delivered and placed outside their home so they have extra facilities for when they need it. This can also work well for businesses that might be renovating or building a bathroom to meet needs. There are a variety of bathroom options, even in the portable realm, and most people can find something suitable.


Those who have outdoor weddings or receptions in locations that don’t have access to restrooms might have to think about portable toilets as well. There are fully flushing versions that are suitable for elegant events and you can also get handicap versions that give you more space to move around in large dresses and possibly helping kids.

Outdoor Concerts

Outdoor concerts can be a real blast, until someone in the group has to go to the bathroom. Then, the search is on. But there are often portable options around the outskirts of the concert area and that can really help everyone get through the event without missing any music. You can still hear what’s going on while you take care of things.


County and state fairs are a family affair, but when you have kids along or, even as an adult, when you eat and drink the fair food, you are going to need facilities before you head home. There are generally plentiful portable toilet options throughout the fairgrounds.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

Construction Sites

There are regulations about construction sites that require a certain number of portable toilets per people working. How would you like to go to work on an 8 hour a day job only to find there were no restrooms? You’d have to leave the site every time you needed one and that’s not productive. These sites will always have one or more portable restrooms for workers.

There are tons of other occasions in which portable toilets in Petaluma, CA will come in handy and may even be required. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc can help you figure out your needs if you have something come up. Whether you are planning an event or planning a renovation, portable toilets can be a big part of helping everything to come off well. Give us a call and tell us about your plans and we’ll help match you to the right unit.