septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA

What To Do When Something Gets Flushed That Shouldn’t

Things happen, right? The kids play with keys and those keys can get put into the toilet. That rubber bouncy ball they got at the store? That can bounce into the toilet opening as well. Things can get flushed when you don’t mean for them to and that can lead you to wonder what’s happening with your septic tank. Do you need septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA? OR can you resolve things in another way? Here are some tips on what to do when something like this occurs.


Don’t Panic

First of all, you don’t have to panic about the process. Most of the time, things are going to be okay. But you are going to want to look into things and act with extra care as you wait and see what’s going to happen. If there’s a backup due to the item that went down, you’ll know it soon enough. You will want to stop using that toilet and perhaps shut the water off to it as well until you get the professional to come out and help you.


Try Removal

If the item got stuck in the pipes, you might be able to get a tool that you can stick down the toilet and grab the item. That can help you to free the clog and get things moving again. You may not know how far down the item went, however, and it can be a waste of time and efforts to go that route.


High Pressure Jetting

If the item seems to be slowing down the system, it might be sitting in the pipes somewhere and the professionals can come out and use a high pressure jet to push the item through to the septic tank. That can help you to resolve the clog without worrying about backups.


Call Pros For Advice

If you are unsure as to what you should do, call the professionals for some advice. Let them know what got flushed down and what, if any, symptoms your septic system is showcasing. They may tell you that as long as you don’t have any backups or symptoms, the item will simply pass through the system and sit in the septic tank until it is pumped out in the future. Or, depending on what was flushed, they might advise you to have them out to your house to take care of the issue sooner.

septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA

Get Septic Tank Pumping

It’s possible that the item in question is going to harm your septic tank by sitting in it for a long period of time. If that is the case, the experts might recommend that you get septic tank pumping in Sonoma, CA done sooner rather than later. This process is something that you have to get done every few years as it is and it’s better to go through with it than to let the item sit and cause other problems. Contact American Sanitation Inc with any questions you have.