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Doing Away With Pranks Around Portable Toilets

Have you ever had a job where you saw a lot of strange things you never imagined? If you ever worked cleaning hotel rooms, for example, you might have been amazed by the things people left behind or did in that room. If you worked in a restaurant, you might have been amazed at what people ordered or the things they left on the table. As you can imagine, the people who work in the business of portable toilets in Sonoma, CA have seen a lot of things, too. While there are plenty of pranks related to portable toilets, the professionals have heard of them all and they have seen quite a few of them. However, while many of them might seem like they are all in good fun, they can actually be very dangerous—and even illegal. Here are a few pranks you will want to avoid if you are around portable toilets—for your own good and for everyone else’s sake.

Tipping The Toilet With Someone Inside

For this type of prank, it’s hilarious to anyone outside the portable toilet. But place yourself inside and imagine how you would feel. Everyone is laughing at you. You could get doused with waste. You might hit your head and have a serious injury. You could even catch an illness from the waste that is covering you. Is it still funny? Not exactly. It can seriously hurt someone and that’s not worth any laughs anyone can get.

Fireworks Being Set Off

There’s something about people and fireworks that is a dangerous combination, even out in the open. Setting fireworks off inside a portable toilet is a downright bad idea. Yes, it’ll make a lot noise. The portable toilet might even explode and fly about. But it can cause injury to the people around it, plus, portable toilets cost thousands of dollars to replace. Setting fireworks off inside is the same as vandalism and you could have charges pressed against you for property damage. The law doesn’t care if you were just trying to have fun.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Trapping Animals Inside

So you saw a raccoon around the portable toilet. Should you trap it inside and abandon it there? Um, no. Wild animals are meant to be left alone and observed from a far. If you trap one inside the portable toilet, that’s not good for the product, or for the animal. It’s another thing you can be charged for and there could be hefty fines brought up against you. Plus, trapping a wild animal is cruel to them and it can be dangerous for whoever opens the portable toilet door later.

There are certain things you would never imagine doing around portable toilets in Sonoma, CA, but some people do (and have) pulled such pranks. Keep things professional and be smart about how you act when you see portable toilets. Pranks aren’t funny around these products. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc are here to help you with any rental needs you have.