Pre-Rental Portable Toilet Research

If you are going to host an outdoor event, there are a lot of things you will need to consider. You have to figure out parking, space, where the event will take place, and so much more. Public sanitation and portable toilets in Napa, CA are something you don’t want to figure out as an afterthought. Having the toilets available in the right number and in the best locations can make or break your event. There are many things you will want to consider and research before you place your rental order.

The People And Location

You will base how many toilets you need on how many people you expect to come. If you aren’t sure what the ratio should be, the rental company can help you with that. The more people you have, the more rentals you will need. You will also need to increase the number for longer lengths of time and if you have food and drinks available at the venue. You will have to think about location for the toilets, too. You don’t want to have them near the eating venue, which can be distasteful, but they can’t be too far away, either, or they aren’t convenient. The rental company can help you with placement as well.

Event Sanitation

Everyone will appreciate a way to sanitize after using portable toilets. Some toilets come with hand sanitizer inside while others can have hand washing stations outside to accompany them. Depending on the event and what you need, there are even portable toilets with sinks and running water inside. Not only will you want to consider those needs, but if you are having a long event with a lot of people, it’s possible you will need to have the portable toilets emptied and cleaned at some point. The rental company can help you figure those details out as well.

The Types To Rent

You might have a certain picture in your mind when you think about portable toilets, but there are many different styles today. The type of event you are having will help you determine what you need. If you want your event to be handicap accessible so everyone with any disability can enjoy it, there are handicap portable toilet options. They are also handy for moms who might be taking several kids into the bathroom at once. There are also fully flushing toilets with sinks that feel much like a real bathroom. These are great for outdoor weddings and other classy events. Talk to the rental representative, describe your event, and take a look at the options you have to consider.

If you are ready to get your portable toilets in Napa, CA in order for whatever outdoor event you have coming up, speak with the experts at American Sanitation Inc. We’ll help you get the right number of toilets in the right locations and we can take care of cleaning processes as well. Call us at (707) 554-8258 or come see the variety of choices in person at 1729 Action Avenue Napa, CA 94559.