portable toilets in Napa, CA

Portable Toilets In Bad Weather Conditions

You never know what the weather’s going to do. If you have a short event that includes portable toilets in Napa, CA, it’s easy enough to figure out what’s going to happen around that event with hour by hour forecasts. But if you have portable toilets on site for a longer period of time, they may go through varied weather conditions. Here are some tips for weather issues that can arise.

The location of your toilets matters a good deal, especially if there are sometimes high winds in that area. There are strategies that can help you place your units in the right locations to combat the winds. You will not want to put the toilets in an open area if there might be wind or rain while it is sitting there. You will instead want a hard surface, if at all possible, to keep the unit out of the mud and make it more stable from wind. You can even provide wind protection by putting it in a sheltered area. You could place it beside a fence, for example, or stake it down into the ground to keep it in place.

There are other things you can do to keep your units more weather resistant. You could, for example, place a special drainage mat outside the toilet. These elevated mats allow rain to drain and mud to stay away from the toilet area, so people aren’t dragging mud in and out of the toilets. IF you have access to electricity, it’s possible to heat or cool some toilets so they are able to stay more dried out inside. You could also set them up with a generator, if need be,

One important thing for any portable toilet sitting on your property long-term is cleaning. Regular maintenance is important, especially in inclement weather conditions. Check the units often during wet or windy weather and have a regular cleaning or inspection schedule for staff. Get a spray vacuum to help. You can spray disinfectant on surfaces and then vacuum up water. Then, wipe down the rest of the unit to remove the rest of the moisture. You can also have staff members form the portable toilet company do regular maintenance checks to clean and empty out the portable toilets.

portable toilets in Napa, CA

If you are worried about how the portable toilets in Napa, CA you plan to rent will do in inclement weather, contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc for advice. We can set you up with just the right toilets, in the right location and with all the right instructions. We’re here to help make your situation remain as comfortable and easy as possible. Give us a call and tell us about your circumstances. We can make recommendations for the guests you expect, and we can help you place the portable toilets in the safest, most convenient locations. We can also get on a cleaning and maintenance schedule with you if you need the units long term. Let’s work together on your project.