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Toilets Much More Expensive Than Portable Toilets

If you’ve ever renovated a bathroom or built a new house, perhaps you got to pick the toilet that went into the space. If you know how much average toilets cost, would you be surprised at the costs of some of the most expensive toilets in the world? While renting portable toilets in Santa Rosa, CA is reasonable and something many people have to do for outdoor events, most people wouldn’t dream of spending this much money on a bathroom fixture. Here are details on some of the most expensive toilets in the world.

Hang Fung Gold Toilet

There are a lot of things that you could make out of gold, but a toilet? There’s technology group that claims to own the most expensive toilet in the world, which happens to be worth around $5 million, depending on the current price of gold when it’s assessed. The whole bathroom is made out of gold including the tub, trash can, and even toilet paper holder. The real golden throne is something that can be seen through a special tour of the technology center.

The Swarovski Studded Toilet

While many people like things covered in crystals, it’s usually more like an elegant dress. This toilet took jewelers over a month to hand create and the toilet costs a bit too much for anyone to actually use it. With a $128,000 price tag, it’s hard to convince anyone to use the beautiful element for its intended purpose.

The Wooden Toilet Thrown From Dagobert

You may have heard of the ‘porcelain throne,’ but when you think about it, most actual thrones are made out of wood. This toilet is wood and also looks like a real throne. When the lid is closed, it could pass for a throne. When opened, it’s much more functional than a simple place to sit. The cute old timey touches are aesthetically pleasing, but expensive at the same time.

Kohler Numi

While most people aren’t even going to consider a golden or crystal encrusted toilet, some could actually get the Kohler Numi, though it’s not for those on a budget. With a $6,000 price tag, this toilet has a heated seat, programable color options, and a Bluetooth stereo, among other customized choices.

If you want one of the most expensive toilets in the world, more power to you. If you need something that works well for an outdoor event, consider VIP portable toilets in Santa Rosa, CA. Contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc. by calling (707) 554-8258. While we don’t have golden options, we do have elegant choices that include flushing, fully functional bathrooms that operate just like an indoor bathroom. We’ll help you place the rentals and clean them out on a regular basis as well. You’re welcome to stop by and see options in person so we can get started on your outdoor event. We’re located at 1729 Action Avenue, Napa, CA 94559 and we can show you the options so you can choose what’s best for your event.