Portable toilets in Petaluma CA

What Might Luxury Portable Toilets Include?

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, or another classy event, you may feel that you need to have portable toilets in Petaluma, CA available for your guests, but when you think of standard portable toilets, they just don’t fit the vibe you are going for. You don’t want people who are dressed up and looking nice to have to cram themselves into those little toilets, like they would at a county fair. Consider luxury portable toilet options. What all do they include? Here are a few things:

More Space

Luxury portable toilets are going to have more space in them than the average, standard option. You might be able to help a child with the restroom in these options, for example. They have more room, even just for one person, which is ideal when you are dressed up and need the space.

Running Water

One of the nicest features of a portable toilet with upgrades is the running water it features. It doesn’t have to be hooked up to any plumbing, either. These portable toilets come with two tanks, one filled with fresh water and one that is a holding tank for waste. When someone uses the facilities, they actually flush the toilet, just as they would in a normal bathroom. The waste is compartmentalized and away from the toilet so there isn’t a small that is often associated with these products.

A Sink For Handwashing

Once you use the restroom, you want to wash your hands and in the luxury version of portable toilets, you can. There’s running water for the toilet, but there’s also a sink, complete with running water as well. The restroom comes with paper towels and soap so users feel like they have everything they need in that space.

Possibly Temperature Control

Some of the luxury restrooms can even be temperature-controlled, which is nice for a hot day when people are dressed in their finery. It can also take the chill out of the air when things are a little cold outside. There are often fans that can run as well to circulate the air nicely.

portable toilets in Petaluma, CA

The Feel Of A Real Bathroom

The biggest point of a luxury portable toilet is that it is going to feel much more like a real bathroom than the standard options. It can be flushed and hands can be washed. When you are dressed up for an event, it has a much more elegant feel to it. You can also use it as a retail bathroom if you are renovating, or even for a house with a water issue.

If you are thinking that you need portable toilets for something, there are lots of options to consider. You can get luxury portable toilets in Petaluma, CA that can help you to get the feel you want with the right amenities for your event. Don’t worry about how people will feel about the bathroom as everything will work out nicely when you have this type of restroom lined up for your event.