portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Portable Toilets Have Variety

When you think about portable toilets in Sonoma, CA, certain products come to mind. While those standard portable toilets are out there, there are other options as well. If you are having an upscale event, there are options to consider. If you have an event that includes mobility challenged individuals, there are portable toilets for that. There’s a variety on the market now so everyone can get what they need for whatever kind of event they are having.

The Standard

The standard portable toilets are the ones you likely think of when portable toilets come to mind. They have four walls, a toilet, and a tank. They often have hand sanitizer inside, but that’s about all there is to them. They work well for many occasions and can be cleaned and sanitized to suit your needs, too.

A Handicap Option

There are also portable toilets that have a zero entry so people in a wheelchair, or those working with crutches, can easily get into the unit without trouble or a tripping hazard. Inside, there are surrounding bars to help the individual navigate the process. There’s also enough room that a wheelchair can turn around with ease. This is a great choice for those who have mobility issues, but it can also help a family situation. If there’s a child that needs help, for example, or a child that can’t be left alone while the parent needs the facilities, two people (or more!) fit easily into these models.

Fully Flushing Toilets

Portable toilets are known for having a tank at the bottom to hold waste, but there are other options. There are fully flushing toilet options as well. These models feel much like a regular restroom. They have running water in them because they have two tanks, a holding tank for waste and a freshwater tank. Once people are done using the facilities, they flush the toilet. There’s generally even a sink inside to wash hands with fresh water. These restrooms are great for nicer events, but also for homes under renovation, restaurants with plumbing issues, and other such areas.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Sink Washing Stations

Another thing that people often get along with a bank of portable restrooms is a hand washing station. These outdoor sinks often work with a foot pump to get the water going. It’s a nice addition to any of the portable toilet options, even those that have running water inside. It’s always a good idea to offer people a place to wash their hands, especially where there might be food involved in an event.

If you need to rent portable toilets in Sonoma, CA, understand that while standard options exist, there are plenty of other choices on the market as well. Consider the event, the guests, and the options all together and that can help you to get just what you need. The professionals can also help you to place the portable toilets in the right locations so you have a good placement and result all the way around your situation.