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Outdoor Wedding Survival Tips

Outdoor weddings can be lovely events, but let’s face it, you never know what they are going to bring. During the summer months, it could be sweltering hot or it could rain. The background in the pictures could include blue skies or dark clouds. You just never know. If you want to host an outdoor wedding, here are a few survival tips that you and your guests will appreciate, including portable toilets in Santa Rosa, CA.

Have A Drink Station

While most guests as well as the couple getting married wait until the reception to start the real drinking, it’s never a bad idea to have a water cooler/drink station during the actual wedding when you are having things outside. That way, if it’s hot, anyone can get a cool glass of water or a fresh bottle of water that will help everyone cool down and stay hydrated. Some people may think to bring a drink of their own, but not everyone will and you’re responsible for their safety.

Pass Out Fans

Some couples have people stand at the door of the church, passing out bulletins, rice, bubbles, bird seed, or other items. For an outdoor wedding, if the heat might be high, have those greeters pass out paper fans instead. You can get something inexpensive or have something nice created to remind people of your big day.

Provide Shade

On a hot day, if you’ve chosen a location in the full sun, it’s nice to provide shade for your guests. Either have a tent that goes up over the seats or perhaps pass out hats or umbrellas for them to use. Umbrellas could also come in handy if there’s a mist in the air and you decide to move forward with the outdoor location.

Feature Portable Toilets

When you think of portable toilets, you might not think glamour, but for an outdoor wedding, they are a necessity. There are plenty of options on portable toilets, including toilets that actually flush and feel like a real bathroom. You can make guests feel as if they are using an indoor facility, even at an outdoor wedding. The most upscale portable toilets come with sinks included and even have running water.

While there are a lot of important considerations for an outdoor wedding, having facilities for your guests and your wedding party is high on the list. Consider various styles of portable toilets in Napa, CA as options to suit your needs. Depending on your location and how many guests you will have, you can determine how many you need and where to place them. The experts at American Sanitation Inc can help as well. We’d love to talk to you about your outdoor wedding or reception when you call us at (707) 554-8258. We can also show you the different types of portable toilets we have available for you to rent when you visit us at 1729 Action Ave Napa, CA 94559. Check out more details on the options online at American-sanitation.com.