Portable Toilet Placement At An Event

When you need portable toilets in Vallejo, CA for an outdoor event you are hosting, the placement of those toilets is just as important as having the right number for the number of guests you are having and the length of the event. No one wants to walk across a muddy path to get to the toilet and no one wants to hop in one that’s sitting precariously on a hill. The challenge with placing portable toilets is taking your vision and adjusting it based on expert advice. Here are a few tips to help you get the right placement for your event.

Communication Is Key

You will want to understand what the portable toilet company is telling you and, at the same time, give them your ideas for the event. They will listen to you, offer suggestions for placement, and try to compromise with you based on what you want for that event. You, as the host, will have a better idea of the event layout. But the portable toilet professionals are experts in their field, and they might have better ideas for toilet placement overall.

Ask Questions

If you have any questions at all about how the toilets are going to be placed, you should ask upfront before they are in place. You can also ask about cleanings, how they will be emptied, and how they are maintained for the duration of your event. Often, the portable toilet company will come by and take care of some things, but you might want a stash of hand soap and toilet paper among your workers so people can check in and restock as needed.

Consider The Options

When looking at placement, you will also want to consider the types of portable toilets you are getting or what you want to get. There are standard portable toilets, of course, and you can get a handwashing station to sit outside of it for people to wash up after use. There are also handicapped accessible toilets that are larger and allow people in wheelchairs and with other disabilities to enter and exit with ease. These are also nice for parents with young children who need to enter the toilet together. And, there are fully flushing luxury options that look and feel like real bathrooms, complete with a sink inside. Figuring out what you want will help the portable toilet company place the items in question in the right locations for your event.

Putting the portable toilets in Vallejo, CA in the right place for your event and making sure you have the right number and style are all very important elements. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc can help you figure all that out once you tell us about your event, how many people you expect, whether or not you are serving food and drinks, and how long things are planned to run. If you want to know more about our services, or if you want to see portable toilet options, visit us on line at American-sanitation.com