Santa Rosa portable toilets

Portable Toilets On Construction Sites in Santa Rosa, CA

Do you run a construction company? Worksites can be manned by a variety of people over the course of any project. Some projects run slower than others, but if you want everything to go as smoothly as possible, you’ll need to incorporate portable toilets Santa Rosa, CA into the plans. There are a variety of reasons why you will want to have portable toilets available on any of your construction sites. Here are a few to consider:

Reason 1: Increase Productivity

One reason you might fall behind on a project’s progress is because workers might have to leave the site every time they need to go to the bathroom. That takes time away from the work itself. Instead, if you have portable toilets on site, they can use the facilities right there and then get back to work. Their productivity levels increase and their time away goes down.

Reason 2: Improve Client Feedback

If you have workers on site where there are bathrooms present, they could, in theory, use those restrooms. However, it often makes the client more comfortable if the workers aren’t constantly bothering them by going in and out or asking if they can use the bathroom. Businessowners want those spaces for customers and clients and homeowners don’t want strangers tramping through their house all day. Having portable toilets on site can help you improve the client’s overall experience with your company’s work.

Reason 3: Improve Health

You want your workers to maintain their health so they can work hard on a regular basis. If workers hold their urine in, they can get sick and cause serious health issues. If they relieve themselves behind a nearby tree and are unable to wash their hands, that can cause health issues as well. You don’t want your construction community as a whole to act in an unhealthy manner so portable toilets are the way to go. Get a hand washing station for just outside the toilet and they can use that after they go to the bathroom or at other times of the day, like before their lunch break.

Reason 4: Follow OSHA Standards

There are standards you will need to keep for your workers and access to bathrooms is one such standard. There are rules in place for their protection and by following those rules, you also increase your productivity, which is never a bad thing.

When you are ready to look into portable toilets Santa Rosa, CA for your construction sites, visit with the professionals at American Sanitation Inc. by calling (707) 554-8258. We’re here to help you figure out how many you need based on the location and how many workers you have there on a regular basis We can also help you with placement and treatments over time if the portable toilets are there for the long haul. If you want to look over the options, visit with us in person at 1729 Action Avenue, Napa, CA 94559 and we’ll get your site set up with just what you need.