Portable Toilets In Vallejo

What’s In A Name? Portable Toilets

What’s your name? Why did your parents give it to you? Do you think your life would be different if you had a different name? Perhaps you go by a nickname instead. Where did it come from? There are also lots of different names for portable toilets in Vallejo, CA and they can have an impact on how people think about the product itself. Here are a few such names and what stands behind them.

Portable Toilets

This is a large umbrella terms that covers any bathroom that is not stationary and can be moved around. This name could mean a bathroom unit that stands alone or a trailer that can be moved about. Any time someone needs a temporary solution, a portable toilet of some kind can help them. Portable toilets can also be permanent solutions where indoor plumbing is not possible, like in a park, along a nature trail, or other such locations. Portable toilets allow bathroom conveniences in places bathrooms can’t always go.

Porta Potties

Porta Potty is one of the most common terms for portable toilets. These are seen as the cut and dried, basic, no extras unit. There’s a toilet, perhaps a urinal, and maybe a hand sanitizer pump and that’s it. These units provide the basic needs of privacy and facilities in simplicity without the ability to flush. There can be long lines at busy events where there’s a large crowd to get into a porta potty.

Porta Johns

Porta Johns, or even Porta Janes, are a slang version of porta potties. They’re just a different way of saying the same thing in a unique way that some people prefer.

Elite Porta Potties

Unlike porta potties, which are very basic, these toilets flush and have a small sink include, complete with running water and paper towels. From the outside, they can look about the same, but the upgrades run deep inside. These are great for upscale events, like weddings, or for places that need a more permanent solution to restrooms.


Some people call portable toilets restrooms, but the term isn’t really interchangeable as they are very different. Outhouses are permanent stalls on properties that don’t have plumbing. They are privately owned and thoroughly rustic. There might be cabins out there in remote locations that still have outhouses, but not many of them exist anymore.

There are many different terms for portable toilets in Vallejo, CA and many of them mean the same thing, but some are varied and indicate a different kind of option. On today’s market, there are actually many options. To find out what might fit your event best, contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc. Call us at (707) 554-8258, tell us about your event, and we can match you with the unit(s) that will work best for you. You can also visit us yourself and see portable toilets in person to figure out what you want. We’re located at 1729 Action Avenue Napa, CA 94559 and we’re happy to show you examples.