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Handicap-Accessible Portable Toilet Regulations

If you are trying to have an event and you want the regulations to be spot on, even when it comes to portable toilets in Sonoma, CA, then you ought to know a lot of things about those regulations. You are going to want to figure out how to use the right rentals so you can get what you need from the rental process. While there are handicap-accessible regulations there are also ADA regulations. Both of those need to be followed to get things right. Here are some details to understand.

Handicap Portable Restrooms

For handicap accessibility, portable restroom doors have to be wider than the doors on a standard unit. Wheelchairs need to be able to go in and out of the restroom without getting hammed in the door. There also needs to be a ramped entrance into the portable toilet or, the entrance has to be zero entry so wheelchairs can easily come and go. And, there needs to be extra space inside the portable restroom so a wheelchair can turn around. Once you have those points in mind, you need to look into the ADA regulations.

ADA Regulations For Portable Toilets

In 1990, the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act, outlines some regulations on a variety of things, including portable restrooms. In order to comply with this act, there are several things to keep in mind. There has to be at least 1 handicap-accessible portable toilet for every 20 toilets on site. And there should be one within every cluster of toilets available. The doors on the toilets should be hinged or magnetic, which makes them easier to open and close. The unit should be reinforced in its construction and there need to be grab bars inside that are also reinforced. These toilets should have placards on the outside that let guests know they are ADA-compliant and the placards should also have braille on them. The interior needs to allow enough space for a complete 360-degree turn as well.

While both handicap and ADA portable toilets are larger in size, and cost more to rent, they are important to the success of any event. These regulations are sometimes required to be upheld while in certain locations, they are not. It’s always best to comply if you aren’t sure. Otherwise, check with your local state and city regulations and see what you need to have in line.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Knowledge is key when you are renting portable toilets in Sonoma, CA and the professionals at American Sanitation Inc have plenty of knowledge to go around. You can contact us when you are trying to organize an event and we will help you understand how many standard portable toilets you need in addition to how many ADA or handicap-accessible options you should have. We want your event to go off without a hitch and that means having the portable toilets your event requires in good locations, the right numbers, and the right style. We will also go over maintenance items and other needs with you.