portable toilets in Napa, CA

Portable Toilets And Hand Washing Hygiene

Many people turn their noses up at the idea of portable toilets in Napa, CA because they don’t feel they are very hygienic. However, in today’s world, things have to have options and hand washing capabilities in order to serve the general public. Germs are dangerous, in many cases, and they can spread fast. If you are rending portable toilets for any reason, you will want to make sure they come with a hand washing station. There are even some toilets that are fully flushing and have a sink with running water included inside. Here are a few things you might see in these hand washing stations that make them hygienic for everyone:

Foot Pumps

Once you come out of the bathroom, you don’t want to have to turn the water on and off using your dirty hands. That defeats the purpose of washing your hands if you have to touch the sink again to turn the water off, putting the germs right back where they came from. Hand washing stations often have foot pumps that are hands-free, which allows you to get the water going without touching anything. That’s a nice way to keep your hands as clean as possible after you do what needs to be done in the bathroom.

Soap And Sanitizer

Hand washing stations also should come with a good soap dispenser as well as hand sanitizer. Soap is always best, but it never hurts to wash your hands with soap and then put hand sanitizer on as well. If there happens not to be any soap available, the water followed by sanitizer is a good second best choice.

Disposable Towels

There should also be a paper towel dispenser nearby with clean, disposable papers that you can use to dry your hands after they are thoroughly washed. There should be a wastebasket nearby or even attached to the handwashing station.

If you need portable toilet rental in Napa, CA for an event, you need hand washing abilities as well. If you get fully flushing bathrooms that feel like a regular bathroom, complete with a sink, the portable toilet has everything you need included. This can be the best solution, but if you have larger crowds at your event, sometimes splitting up the toilet and the hand washing can take care of more people at a time.

Whenever you look into portable toilets in Napa, CA, it is necessary to think about hand washing capabilities as well. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc understand that hygiene needs are more important now than ever before. We will help you think about portable toilet numbers, locations, and cleanliness to ensure that you get everything you need for whatever kind of event you are hosting. It’s important to meet not just immediate needs, but all needs from start to finish. Today, clean hands are even more important than they were yesterday, and hand washing stations can meet those needs in or around every portable toilet you rent from us for your location, event, or business.