What Happens In A Septic Tank Pumping Session?

When you buy a home with a septic tank system, you may hear that you will need septic tank pumping in Napa, CA on a regular basis to maintain the system. However, if you’ve never been through the process before, you may have no idea what happens during that pumping session. You can find out before you have to have it done so you know what to expect when the day arrives.

The first thing you need to know is that septic pumping is absolutely not a do it yourself project. You need to have a trusted, experienced company do the job for you. Something you can do yourself is watch for the signs that your tank needs to be pumped. If pipes are running slow and getting backed up, that’s a good sign that things are getting full in the tank.

The septic tank itself is an underground container that holds the waste that leaves your home through the plumbing pipes. The tank is built to break down that waste and dispose of it through the drain field. However, there are certain things that break down slowly and some things that may never break down. You’ll want to be careful what you put down the drains of your home, but even if you are diligent, every tank is going to need pumping.

When the septic tank pumping is necessary, the company will come to your home, find the lid for the septic tank, and remove it with their specialized equipment. A vacuum pump will be placed down into the tank and it will suck up the liquid, sludge, and wastes that have filled your tank.

The process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how large the tank is, how long it has been since it’s been pumped, and how full it is. After the tank is cleaned out, the technician will use a special tool and hose to flush the outlets and filters, which connects the tank to the drain field. Once that is done, the lid to the tank will be put back on and the truck will leave the property to dispose of your septic tank’s contents.

While the procedures don’t take all that long, it’s something only professionals should handle. When the time comes and you need septic tank pumping in Napa, CA, contact the experts at American Sanitation Inc for help. If you’re new to the septic tank world and you don’t know what you need, you can also contact us and ask us for recommendations as to how often it needs to be done. We’re here to help you with septic tank health. We can give you do and don’ts of the septic tank, so you know how to treat the system to make it last as long as possible without any issues. We can even inspect the septic tank and put you on a regular schedule for checkups and maintenance, so you don’t go too long between pumps.