portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Portable Toilets Can Curb Emergencies

When you face an emergency situation, your mind might race on how you can fix things quickly so you can carry on with your life in a semi-normal manner. Depending on the circumstances, portable toilets in Sonoma, CA might help you to get by until you are able to reach a more permanent fix for the situation. Here are some emergencies that might call for portable toilets.

Pipes Break

If a pipe breaks in your home, it can be a real disaster. You might have to shut the water off in your home and you will have to get things fixed as soon as possible. But if one or more bathrooms is going to be out of commission for the time being, it’s important to consider what you are going to do while the repairs are happening. You might want to rent a portable toilet and set it in your side or back yard so you can satisfy your family’s needs in the interim.

Pipes Freeze Over

It can get cold anywhere and while pipes don’t freeze in this region very often, it can happen. And, what’s more, when it does happen, since it’s not frequent, you may have no idea what to do. You aren’t going to want to tax your water system, that’s for sure, and you will have to consult with professionals on how to fix things as well as what you might do to prevent these issues from occurring in the future. While you run the repairs and create fixes, you might need a portable toilet for your family to use.

The Sewer Backed Up

No one wants to have a major back up in their home, but it can happen. If your sewer backs up, you might have to do a number of different things to get things back to normal. You are going to need a restroom, and that might mean having a portable toilet nearby the house. You may have to get the septic tank pumped out or do a variety of other things to get the sewer system back in working order. Until then, a portable toilet can help you to get by.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

A Bad Storm Curbed Power

Storms happen everywhere and if your water is connected to your power, it can be real trouble when you lose power for any extended amount of time. When you see a storm coming, run the bath water and keep it full so you can use that water to flush and for other non-potable things. But if the power is off long enough, you might need other recourses and that could mean getting portable toilets for your home to get you by until the power is back and you have running water to use the bathroom again.

There are lots of emergency situations that could allow you to need portable toilets in Sonoma, CA for a short period of time. Talk to the professionals when you are facing a situation that causes your bathroom to be out of commission and go from there.