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Septic Tank Gurgling

There are some noises you won’t even think about hearing until you hear them. And if your septic tank is gurgling, it’s not a pleasant noise. You might need septic tank pumping in Vallejo, CA or there could be other things causing the noise. But once you hear it, you can’t unhear it and you need to get to the bottom of what is making the noise before things get much worse. Here are a few things that can cause your system to make gurgling noises.

Blocked Drains

If your drainage pipe is blocked, it could make the draining slower into the septic tank, which could give you a gurgle in your fixtures when they try to flow out that drain. That’s easy enough for a plumber to fix for you without too much of an issue.

Blocked Sewer Pipes

A bit more concerning is when the sewer pipes are blocked. These are the pipes that are used to connect your home’s plumbing to the septic system. Any blocks between them and the tank mean that larger amounts of water can’t get past the block at once, which causes the gurgling noise and a decreased drain speed. You might need a tank pumping or just a de-clogging.

Drain Vent Problems

The drain vents remove the sewer gas from the pipes, and they can also make a gurgling sound if they are having any issues. The system could be broken or not doing a proper job if you hear that noise when you shower, use the sink, or flush the toilet.

The Septic Tank Is Full

One of the most common causes for the gurgling is when the septic tank gets full. Tanks need to be pumped out every 3-5 years, depending on the size of your home and family. The tank won’t drain right if the water can’t flow out because there is too much in the tank for it to operate properly. Get the tank pumped out at a regular interval so you can avoid gurgling noises in the first place. If you hear them and it’s been awhile, consider getting the tank pumped.

Hear Gurgling? Act Now

If you hear a noise you know you shouldn’t’ be hearing, it’s not smart to wait around and see if it happens again or if anything else occurs. That can just make things worse in a variety of ways. Instead, you can try a few home remedies, like using a plunger on a few drains to get a clog to move along. Otherwise, you should call a professional as soon as you notice the problem to prevent the issue from spreading further. The experts at American Sanitation Inc are here to help with septic tank pumping in Vallejo, CA, or whatever else might be causing the gurgling noise to occur around your home. Call us at (707) 554-8258 or visit us at 1729 Action Avenue Napa, CA 94559 and we’ll help you get your septic tank working smoothly for the best interest of your home and family.

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