Septic Tanks in Napa

When Should You Get Septic Tank Pumping Done?

It’s easy enough to say that septic tank pumping in Napa, CA has to take place if you have one of those units connected to your house, how can you know when it needs to be done? The septic tank on your house allows you to dispose of wastewater safely and you want to keep it properly services so you can have a healthy, safe tank. There are many signs that you need to have septic tank pumping done. Here are a few to watch for:

A Flooded Drain Field

If you can’t see the wastewater that comes from your house, your septic tank is more likely working okay. But if there is pooling water in your lawn around the drain field, it’s time to have septic tank pumping done. Standing water can occur when solid waste has clogged up the pipes and the wastewater will then rise into the drain field in your yard. Whenever you see pools of water around the system, get the tank pumped by professionals to avoid further issues.

Slow Drains

Drains can be slow for a number of reasons ad you can try to unclog the drains in safe manners first. Try a plunger to get a clog that might be close by to move along. Consider putting some boiling water down the drain or baking soda followed by water. Those things can get small clogs out of the way without the need to call anyone. But if the drains are still slow, or if you notice all of the drains acting slow at the same time, it might be the septic tank filling up. Get it pumped out and the system should start running at a much faster speed.

Gross Smells

Trust your nose to be your guide and if you start to notice smells coming from your drains, it might be because the wastewater going down the drain isn’t getting into the tank since it’s full. Those smells could also come from the drain field around the tank so be aware when you are out working in the yard.

Sewage Backup

The most evident sign that you need your septic tank pumped is when you have sewage back up into your house. With any luck, you will notice other signs and get the pumping taken care of before this happens, but if you get sewage backing up into the sinks, toilets, bathtubs, or other areas, get pumping done by professionals right away.

These are a few ways to tell that you need septic tank pumping in Napa, CA. Most tanks have to be pumped every 3-5 years. If you have a regular inspection, you don’t have to watch as closely for the signs because the professionals will tell you how far off you are from that need. Contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc by calling (707) 554-8258 when you notice any signs or want an inspection to make sure things are running well. You can also stop by with questions at 1729 Action Avenue Napa, CA 94559.