Three Portable Toilet Categories For Usage

There are many places where you might see or need portable toilets in Vallejo, CA. But there are three main categories that take up the majority of the rental world. If you have something that fits into these areas, you know what you need to do—rent portable toilets. The professionals can help you with how many, placement, and so on. But here are the categories to remember:

Agricultural Situations

Whether you have a farm with seasonal workers, large fields, or even self-pick events, portable toilets are a must. You can’t send people way out into the field to work or customers way out to pick their own crops and not provide a station for relief. It would be too complicated for people to travel way back to the main part of the farm to get to the bathroom. Having portable stations are not only convenient, but a must. You will also want portable sinks for hand washing, either after restroom use or even after working for a while.

Construction Sites

There needs to be a restroom on any job. If you are running a construction site, you need to provide adequate American portable restrooms for your workers. That will keep them productive and focused and they won’t have to take long breaks to travel to nearby gas stations. There are rules and regulations as to how many portable toilets you will need based on the number of people you will have on the job at any given time. The professionals in the rental industry can help you figure out those specific needs.

Various Events

For events that might be outside or where bathrooms are limited, portable toilets can make or break everyone’s enjoyment. For a small number of guests, perhaps you only need one. For larger gatherings, there’s going to be a bigger need. The professionals at the rental company can help you decide how many you need and the best placement for them. There are varied options including standard toilets, handicap options, and even fully flushing options. You can get toilets for outdoor concerts all the way through elegant outdoor weddings. There’s something to match every need.

There are plenty of other categories that might fit into the needs and there are portable toilets available for those as well. But if you are in any of the above situation, you know for sure that you need them.

When you are thinking about renting portable toilets in Vallejo, CA, whether you need them for a day, a week, a month, or longer, the professionals at American Sanitation Inc can help you with the details. We can help you decide how many you need and where to place them. We can put them on location for you and then check back on a regular schedule to make sure they are well maintained and cleaned. We want everything to go well for you, no matter what’s going on. If that means having portable toilets on location, we’re here to help you with that detail.