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What To Do In A Septic Tank Emergency

Your septic tank isn’t something you think about on a regular basis. In fact, it might not even cross your mind until you have a problem or, worse yet, an emergency. Replacing a septic tank system is going to cost you a pretty penny and it’s really in your best interest to keep up with maintenance, getting septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA on a regular basis, and to know warning signs in case something was to occur.

Signs Of Septic Emergencies

Since most of the septic system components are underground, it can become a bit of an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ situation. But there are signs to watch out for that can show you things are bad and that you need help right away. Here are a few:

-Blackwater Overflow Or A Backup

If your toilets or drains are flowing up instead of down, that’s a huge problem and considered an emergency. It could mean the tank is blocked or that there is a clog somewhere along a pipe. You are going to want to stay away from the blackwater that is coming into your home and get the professionals out to remedy the problem as soon as possible.

-A Flooded Drain field

You might notice the drain field in your yard being wet from time to time, but if the area is completely flooded, that’s an emergency situation. There might be a broken pipe or the drain field might be failing. Either way, you don’t want to wastewater or have the septic tank receive further damage because of the issue. Have professionals check things out.

-Slow, Clogged, Gurgling, or Bubbling Drains

While your drains running in a slow manner isn’t an outright emergency, it can quickly lead to that if you don’t address things. It’s better to stay on top of these problems instead of waiting for them to get worse. They aren’t often going to work themselves out on their own so it’s a waste to wait.

What To Do In Emergency Situations

If you notice any of the above things occurring, you are going to want to call a trusted septic provider for an emergency visit. They can assess the problem, give you an estimate, and get things solved quickly and efficiently. The longer you wait, the worse the issue can become.

septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA

Stop Using Water

It’s best that you stop using water as soon as you notice a problem so you aren’t putting even further stress on your septic system. The more water you use, the worse the problem can become.

If you notice something that is out of order, or if you have an emergency situation with your septic system, septic tank pumping in Petaluma, CA may be the answer to your problem. Give the professionals at American Sanitation Inc a call and you can have peace of mind that your system is in good hands. We’re here to help things run well in every circumstance for the duration.