septic tank in Napa, CA

Why Is There Water Running In The Septic Tank?

If you have a septic tank in Napa, CA, you probably know that you are supposed to listen for septic system gurgling or even bubbling noises. That sound could be a sign of a blockage or even or poor draining and it’s not something you want to hear. But if you’re new to having a septic tank, you might hear water running. Is that okay? Here are some of the potential reasons you might hear that noise:

Groundwater Leaks

Sure, a lot of water runs through your septic tank every day, but there might be groundwater leaking into the tank as well. Some septic tanks are made up of concrete and there might be a crack in the tank. If the tank is steel, rust damage could be the cause of the leak. Physical damage to the septic tank is never a good thing. You don’t want ground water taking over the tank, especially if there’s a storm that could cause runoff to get worse. Have the tank inspected in case this happens to be going on.

Waste Buildup

If your drain field isn’t draining properly, the wastewater that usually leaves the septic tank could be clogging and not draining properly. Wastewater could eventually flow back into the tank, which wouldn’t be a good thing for your house. You’ll want to check and see if something like that is going on as well.

The Septic Pump Is Off

Gravity is often a big part of septic tanks. They use gravity to pull water from the tank and place it in the drain field. If the drain field is uphill due to the property layout, the pump has to move things along instead of gravity. If that pump is off for any reason, waste water can flow back up into the tank and cause that running water sound.

What Should It Sound Like?

When you buy a home with a septic tank, or have one installed, you want to know what it normally sounds like. Healthy systems shouldn’t really make much, if any, noise. Water running or even a trickling sound warrants an inspection. Keep an ear on things so you know what they normally sound like and can notice when changes occur.

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