portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Places Portable Toilets Can Be Useful

Most people have had the occasion to use portable toilets in Sonoma, CA at some point and they come in many different types today. While there are standard portable toilets, there are also fully flushing options, complete with running water and a sink. There are handicap accessible, zero entry options as well, which also help families who need to help children in the facilities. Here are just a few of the places where portable toilets can come in useful.

Construction Jobs

Construction workers spend long hours on-site and they would have to leave the job for the bathroom, when needed. There should be at least one portable toilet on these job sites, sometimes more, depending on how many workers are present. Even if you have a new home being built in your neighborhood you might see a portable toilet in the front yard for a while.

Family Reunions

It’s nice to gather your family in the local park, but when you are celebrating and catching up, it’s hard to get away to use the restroom if you have to go elsewhere. Portable toilets on-site can help your family to get what they need without having to leave the festivities for very long.

Outdoor Weddings

You might not associate portable toilets with weddings, but when there’s an outdoor wedding occurring, and no building nearby with enough restrooms, portable toilets can serve as necessities. There are fully flushing versions, which are classy and elegance for such dressy affairs.

Craft Shows

Outdoor craft shows can be a lot of fun to browse, but not if you need a restroom and there are none in sight. Having portable toilets on the edge of the grounds so people can use it when they are between rows of homemade goods is only going to increase the amount of time people spend looking and enjoying the crafts.

Sporting Events

If you love to attend football, baseball, soccer, or other outdoor sporting events, then you may have used your fair share of portable toilets. These activities don’t always come with buildings nearby and when the need hits, portable toilets can be a welcomed sight.

Remodeling Projects

When you take your home’s bathroom out of commission, or one of two or three bathrooms, it can be hard for your family to get by on less. Instead of pounding down the door of the remaining bathroom or setting up a schedule, have a portable toilet brought to the yard and use it as another restroom for family use.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Hiking Trails

It’s the worst to be out on a trail and feel the urge to use a bathroom. You don’t want to go in the bushes as there could be poison ivy anywhere! Portable toilets in Sonoma, CA just off the trail can be something you appreciate a great deal when you are only halfway through that long hike and want to finish instead of having to rush back the way you came. There are many other locations and circumstances that call for these products, too.