portable toilets in Novato, CA

Portable Toilets for Family Reunions

It’s exciting to get the family together again now that people can travel a bit more freely and feel better about being in groups. The outdoors is a wonderful place to have a large group together and people will more likely feel comfortable attending. While the outdoors gives everyone the space they need, there’s one problem that you might have to face: the restroom situation. If you need to provide something, portable toilets in Novato, CA are an option to consider.

How Many People Will Attend?

While you may have asked everyone in the family to be there, it’s possible not everyone can make it and you will want to have a head count so you have a basic idea of who to expect. If you are providing food, you need to know what to bring for that anyway and it’s also good to have an idea so you can have a portable toilet (or toilets!) on site for those who need them during the process. Take that head count to the professionals along with the length of time you are gathering and they can help you figure out how many units you need.

Are There Any Toilets Around?

If you are having a reunion in a park, there may be a building nearby with one or more toilets. But you also want to think about how many people you have on-site and whether that building Is feasible for everyone attending. Perhaps you have a large group and you don’t want a large line to build up. Or, the building might be a distance away and you want something more convenient. Think through those options, even if there are toilets around the park.

What Are You Serving?

If you are gathering in the park for a few hours, but aren’t having food and drinks, you may not have to worry about as many portable toilets as you would have otherwise. However, most family events are celebratory in nature and are going to have food and drinks, even if you have everyone bring their own items. If people are going to eat and drink, more toilets are necessary to keep everyone comfortable. You want the family to be together for as long as they can be without people having to leave early to find a restroom.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

If you are planning that summer family reunion now, it’s a good time to think through and work through some of the details, including what you need in terms of portable toilets in Novato, CA. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc work with groups all the time and can help you figure out how many you need, where they should be located, and other such things. Keep in mind there are also plenty of options available. You can get standard units, but there are also full flushing units that feel like real bathrooms. And, there are larger units that are good for mobility issues or even for parents who are in there helping kids with their business.