portable toilets in Novato, CA

The Variety In Portable Toilets

Picture portable toilets in Novato, CA in your mind. What you are likely thinking of is a standard portable toilet unit, and that’s the most popular thing for people to rent and use at events. However, there are different types of portable toilets available today and you might want to know the differences in case you have the need for a rental sometime soon. Here are a few different types of portable toilets.

Standard Issue Models

Standard portable toilets are what most people think of when they consider a portable toilet rental. These toilets have hand sanitizer stations inside them, usually, and they are on the small size. They don’t flush and they have a hole beneath them to catch the waste. They can certainly work well in many situations, but they aren’t idea for every option available.

Handicap Options

Handicap portable toilets are wonderful for those with mobility issues. They are zero entry so a wheelchair can roll in, or so people using them won’t trip over the lip. They also have more space inside, so a wheelchair can turn around inside them. It’s a great option to have if you know someone with mobility issues will be there, but it can also be handy for families. Often, moms or dads might have to help a young child in the restroom and fitting more than one person into a standard toilet can be impossible. There’s also more room in these units in case someone were to need to change clothing.

Fully Flushing Toilets

There are also portable toilets that feel just like real bathrooms in that they have running water. The toilets can flush and there’s also a sink with running water for hand washing as well. It’s a great option for an event that is on the elegant side, like a wedding, or for when you simply want to have everything included without worrying about extra hand washing stations outside.

portable toilets in Novato, CA

Handwashing Stations

Any of the portable toilets can also come with handwashing stations, that sit outside of a bank of the toilets. Not only is it good to have them for after toilet use, but it allows people to wash their hands for any other reason without having to wait in the restroom line.

When you are going to rent portable toilets in Novato, CA for an event, it’s a good idea to know the difference in the options available. Talk to the professionals and they can show you the different options in person as well. You can take a tour of the options, look at the pricing alongside your budget, and figure out what will work best for your situation. The professionals can help you to place the portable toilets in just the right locations. They can also advise you as to how many you need for the amount of people you expect and the type of event you are having. The right options can make all of the difference in the event you are planning for family, friends, or tickets guests.