septic tank pumping Petaluma, CA

Getting Ready For Spring

When the winter melts away and spring is on the horizon, you might start to enjoy the warmer temperatures, the longer sunlight hours, and you might also start to make a to-do list of things you want to do around the home to get ready for spring. Don’t deny your septic system, and instead, add septic tank pumping Petaluma, CA to the list of things to at least check into as spring, well, springs.

Clean Up The Yard

Yards and landscaping often takes a hit over the winter months. The temperatures are cooler so you don’t necessarily get out there and do much to it at that time. Now that spring is in view, you are going to want to remove debris, prepare the grass for mowing, pull dead weeds, and other such things. Your home’s overall curb appeal can greatly depend on the lawn and landscaping and what kind of shape it is in.

Plant New Flowers

While you are cleaning up the landscaping, you might want to plant some new flowers to bring color to the yard after the winter months. It’s always nice to add that fresh, new look to the landscaping when the winter fades away.

Inspect The Roof

Your roof will also go through a lot during the colder months and you are going to want to make sure it’s still in good working order. Have an inspector come out and make sure you don’t have any loose shingles that could cause rain to leak in during the spring. You want to make any small repairs now before bigger things cause more trouble.

Change Air Filters

You are going to need to change the air filters on your HVAC every six months. It’s something you might want to do just before the spring so you can prepare for the upcoming summer months. Changing the filters regularly will help your HVAC to get the breaks it needs and heighten your home’s efficiency. It will also improve your indoor air.

Plan Summer Events

It’s also a good idea to start planning any summer events you have in mind around the time spring comes into the picture. If you are going on a family vacation, get things booked and thought out. If you are going to have a family reunion, start looking for a date that works for everyone and so on.

septic tank pumping Petaluma, CA

Check Septic Tank Maintenance

Just like everything else in your yard, the septic tank went through a hard time over the winter months. Spring is a good time to have the tank checked out and perhaps even pumped out. You have to get pumping done every 5 years, at the very longest. You might need that pumping more often. Check to see how long it’s been and at least have a professional come do an inspection on the unit.

If you want to get septic tank pumping Petaluma, CA done this spring, contact the professionals for an appointment so you can rest assured that your septic system will run well for whatever spring and summer bring.