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Winter Events That Need Portable Toilets

Every season of the year will find a need for portable toilets in Novato, CA in some situation or another and winter is no different. Winters in California, while they can be chilly, still have lots of reasons to be outside. When you are outside somewhere without indoor plumbing available, portable toilets can be a necessary. Here are a few events that could call for portable toilet placement.

Outdoor Winter Sports

While there aren’t lots of places in this area that get cold enough for ice skating, skiing, or other winter sports, when you do come across those occasions to partake in the fun of winter, there needs to be portable restrooms available. Ice skating often happens around ponds and skiing on mountains and hills. It can be a hassle to have to sludge away from the area to find a restroom, but sometimes necessary. Instead, portable toilets might be present to help people meet their needs and increase their length of enjoyment in the area.

Family Gatherings

While the number of family members who are able to gather for the holidays can vary from year to year, if your family is pretty steady and consistent at certain times, it’s a good idea to consider a portable toilet. IF the home used to gather is on the small side or you want to get together in a picnic shelter so the kids can play outside while the adults play cards, portable toilets could be the answer to your issues. Portable toilets, even near a house, can help to meet the needs of larger group gatherings.

Holiday Concerts

There’s nothing better than listening to Christmas music in the park to get you feeling the spirit of the season. But you’ll be feeling something else a lot less pleasant if there isn’t a portable toilet nearby when you need one. Park restrooms aren’t always open over the winter months and when you need to go, having portable toilets is much appreciated.


Since this area of the country doesn’t have bad winters, you may still see renovations going on during the cooler months. IF you started this fall and things moved into the winter, you might want to continue getting things in order as soon as you can. If your bathroom is out of commission, though, and you have a family to consider, portable toilets can help you get by.

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There are other reasons that portable toilets in Novato, CA could be utilized over the winter months. If you think you might be in need or renting one or more, contact the professionals at American Sanitation Inc to get their recommendations. We have lots of different options ranging from standard toilets with handwashing stations all the way up to fully flushing toilets with sinks included. We’re here to help you meet whatever needs you have for whatever type of event you are holding this winter. You can come by and see options or call and we can chat about what you need by phone.