portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Adding Hand Washing Stations With Portable Toilet Rentals

When you need to rent portable toilets in Sonoma, CA for an event, it doesn’t really matter what the event is, you might want to consider adding some hand washing stations to place outside the portable toilets. These stations are always a good addition if you get portable toilets that don’t already have running water and sinks inside. Even if the portable toilets have sinks in them, handwashing stations can be a good idea since they can be used outside of the toilet area without having used the facilities. Here are a few reasons to add these stations.

Add Sanitation

Whenever you use the restroom, you are going to want to wash your hands after. Having the hand washing stations convenient and right there when you need them can help you to meet that need. Even if you don’t use the facilities, if you get dirty or want to grab a bite to eat, washing your hands might be something you want to do to remain as sanitary as possible in your situation. Those stations can allow any guests to do just that.

Convenience For Guests

It’s nice for guests to have what they need, when they need it, while they are on site for whatever occasion you are having. Hand washing stations may not be a complete necessity, like portable toilets are, but they are a convenient thing to have nearby. Sure, guests can get by with hand sanitizer or maybe some cleansing wipes they brought with them, but having somewhere to actually wash their hands can really make them feel welcome and as if they are getting everything they want from the event in a convenient manner.

Peace Of Mind For Everyone

When you wash your hands after using a portable toilet, it gives you peace of mind, right? You know portable toilets are shared, like any public toilet, and washing your hands afterwards can help you to feel as if you are clean and ready to meet the rest of the day. You can get peace of mind from washing your hands after other activities as well and before eating, for example.

portable toilets in Sonoma, CA

Help With Accidents

You never know what’s going to happen and when and if you spill on your shirt, get your hands sticky, or run into other occasions that need help from water, the hand washing sink outside the portable toilets can help you get cleaned up. You might be rather relieved to know that there is water nearby that you can use to allow everything to go back to how you want.

If there are going to be portable toilets in Sonoma, CA at a certain event, you may want to add hand washing stations just outside those units so you can allow guests to wash up after using the facilities, before eating, or on any other occasion that needs it. These stations are a great way to give guests everything they need as well as everything they want for the event you are organizing.