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One Portable Toilet—One Event—Is It Enough?

When you are in charge of an event, you have to think of everything. At outdoor events, that means portable toilets in Sonoma, CA when there isn’t access to indoor plumbing nearby. But the event is just one little event. Can’t you just get one portable toilet and be done with that part of the problem? Maybe. But maybe not. Here are some factors to consider:

The Length Of The Event

Even if you are just having one event, the length of that event will make a big difference in how many toilets you might need. If the event is only an hour long, that’s a huge difference over an event that takes all day. You will want to think about how long people will be on the premises as that will help you to inform how many portable toilets you will need.

The Number In Attendance

It can be hard to figure out how many people will attend your event unless you are selling tickets. But it’s good to have a ballpark figure or idea so you can guess as to how many portable toilets you need. In general, the more people you have at the event, the more portable toilets you need. If you have a general estimate, you can talk to the professionals at the rental location and they can help you figure out what’s best.

Food And Drink Serving

IF you have a short event, without any food and drink and without many people, you might be able to get by without portable toilets or with just one. But if there are food and drinks being served, you for sure want to have portable toilets on hand, possibly a bank of them or several locations. What you serve and to how many people will help you decide how many portable toilets you want to place and where.

The Location

If your event is located near a building that has public restrooms, you may not need as many portable toilets. You should probably still have some, but some people could possibly feasibly use the regular restroom as well, which could take the heat off the portable systems.

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There are lots of other questions to ask about portable toilets in Sonoma, CA and how many you need. Depending on the above, you might just need one. But it’s possible that you need several, various locations, and other such things. The professionals at American Sanitation Inc can help you figure out how many portable toilets are necessary, and we can show you the different styles and options so you can figure out what’s best for your event. There are standard toilets with handwashing stations outside, but there are also handicap toilets that are much larger and even fully flushing options for high end events. We’re here to make sure you have just what you need, and we’ll help you place them toilets in the right locations for easy use at your event as well. It’s important for your guests to be comfortable when they are there.